Lamb Knitting Machine Manufacturing Co.

Chicopee Falls, MA

Tuttle, No. 1, 4 1/2 inch Cast iron cylinder

This Lamb sock knitting machine is called the Tuttle, because the Lamb company purchase the rights to this machine from Mr. Tuttle. This machine uses straight needles just like the flat knitters, and has no cylinder spring. See page with needle drawings.

This machine can be set so the cylinder stands still and the yarn carrier goes around or so the cylinder goes around and the yarn carrier stands still. The vertical post holds the ribber, which unfortuanately did not come with it.

The tension is adjusted by raising or lowering the cylinder, there is no cam adjustment.

The little dial on the base frame near the handle is a counter--you can't reset it to zero, but it counts.

Copyright, R. Kanko, 1998

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