Master Knitting Machine

Home Profit Hosiery Co, Rochester, NY.

You can't miss who made this one--unless some thoughtless person has removed the nameplate.

Master Machines were made 1924-1926. -Gina Parosa


Needles: Cylinder 72, Ribber 36.

No Patent markings.

This machine was found in an antique store in Indianapolis. It needed a lot of cleaning, but the paint is all original. The brass cylinder was so tarnished, it was almost as black as the painted parts.

The brass cylinder makes it smooth running. When the ribber is not installed, you can crank this as fast as you can and it seldom drops a stitch. It has produced dozens of scarfs for family and friends, as well as a few pairs of fingerless gloves (wrist warmers), and some socks.

The knob on the top of the ribber is not original equipment; you can see it was missing in the picture below--I made that before I knew what the original part really looked like. The orignal part is just a plain nut!

On the right, a closer view of the Master Machine with the ribbing attachment.The ribber has two support arms--unlike the Gearhart and Autoknitter. The tubular leg stand is a standard feature of the Master Machine, and it does not have thumb screws or any way to mount the machine on a table.

It came with an Autoknitter brand instruction book!

Knit Samples

Knitted Samples

Left sample is made with every other needle, and no ribber. The sample on the right was made with the ribber as seen in the picture above.

The image is probably smaller than full size, but what you see really depends on the resolution of your monitor.

RIGHT: Here is what the Master Machine looked like before it was restored.

Before restoration

Copyright, R. Kanko, 1998

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