Ainslie Knitting Machine Co.

Brooklyn, NY

Name plate on the side of the cam shell says:

Knitting Machine Co.
738-750 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Number 1936

The Ainslie Sock knitting machine looks a lot like the Autoknitter--so much in fact, that it has "AUTOKNITTER" cast right in the base!

The Ainslie nameplate may mean Autoknitter was bought out by Ainslie, maybe, but when? If anyone knows please help.

Cylinder spring, needle envelope, crescent, and part of the set-up

Lettering on envelope:

Knitting Machine Co.
740-750 Grand St.
B'klyn, 11, NY

Ribber attachment and two heel hooks

This machine belongs to Carol Ingram who keeps it in on display for everyone's enjoyment at her yarn and knitting shop. Stop by and say "Hi!" when you can.

200 to 201 Park Avenue
Birmingham, MI
Or contact Carol at:

Copyright, R. Kanko, 1998

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