Cooperative Knitting Machine Company, Indianapolis, IN, Circa 1900

1. Clamp Screw
2. Needles
3. Crank Wheel
4. Tension Nut
5. Heel Spring
6. Bobbin
7. Yarn Stand Top
8. Take-up Lock
9. Yarn Carrier
10. Tension Cam
11. Cam Cylinder
12. Bed Plate
13. Cog Ring
14. Yarn Stand Rod
15. Tension Cam Spring
16. Crank Wheel Stud
17. Crank Wheel Handle
18. Crank Wheel Pin
19. Needle Cylinder
20. Spiral Band
This machine did not come with a ribber, and was not designed to use one. To make a sock with a ribbed top, the instructions tell you to "remove every fourth needle and adjust the tension cam up to make the ribbed work close." The instruction describes, quite briefly, how quality mock-rib socks can be made without using that ornery ribbing attachment.
This machine was sold for the sock cottage industry just like the Gearhart, Autoknitter and Master Machine. The company bought the socks you made, and sent you more yarn.

Directions for producing quality socks were certainly written by my sixth grade teacher:

"It is positively useless to send in your sample if it is not as good as samples sent you. You should be able to judge. Compare them when you have knit one, and look at the instructions for correcting mistakes. Then unravel your own work and knit over again until it is like our sample. If it is sent in and is not as good as our sample we simply return it to be knit over, pointing out the errors corresponding with the numbers of instructions, for correction, as we do not furnish more yarn for practicing unless the cost of same is enclosed.
The cylinder is cast iron with the slots and outside diameter nicely machined.The heels on the needles are exposed unlike many other knitters. The cylinder is shorter than most machines and requires shorter needles than the ones installed in the picture. The ends of the latches should not be above the top of the cylinder when the needles are at the top of the track and going around the back of the machine.

I wish the manufacturers of the socks I buy followed this instruction:


Cooperative Machine set for "ribbing."

Copyright Ralph Kanko 1998


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