Lamb Knitting Machine Manufacturing Co.

Class 1, 96 needles, Serial Number 34992, Circa 1885

Patent dates: Sep 15, 1863 Oct 10, 1865 Sep 28, 1869 Oct 29, 1879


Picture of 96 needle Lamb knitting machine with cone holder, cast-on comb, yarn winder, swift, weights, and box.


Close-up of stamping on the needle frame.


The weights on this knitting machine were patented Oct 29, 1879, according to this cast-in lettering.
This is the condition before restoration. Notice rust on the rod and discoloration on both brass and steel parts. This knitter was in much better condition than the 110 needle machine shown on the other page.

Cleaning, polishing and new needles were all that was needed.

Copyright, R. Kanko, 1998

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