P. T. Legare, Money Maker, Model A

Circa ???

The machine is tagged P.T.Legare, but the ribber attachment on top has the letters "MMA" in the casting and the manual also refers to a Money Maker Model A.

P.T.Legare was a mail order house. They sold other peoples' products with their own name on them which included items besides knitting machines. The casting numbers and lettering of the original manufacturer usually remained on the product.

The two round pins that protrude from the cam shell activate the forward and reverse cams to raise the needles, the right one (forward) etc. The mechanism in the middle is the tension adjustment control and indicator for the cylinder needles. -Peter Pascale

Legare Sock Knitter

Owner: Peter Pascale

Peter is looking for information and additional parts for his Legare. Where was it made; when was it made? He has an instruction manual in French. Does anyone have a manual in English? Perhaps we could get a French manual interpreted? Please contact him at: pascale@netcom.ca

Copyright, R. Kanko, 1998

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