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Links to RC Sailboat Sites & Related Subjects


AMYA V-32 Class Page Class Rules

V-32 Resource Center Information, Events, and more

V-32 Yahoo Discussion Group

Victor Model Products--V-32 Manufacturer. Click V-32 for factory built or V-32k for kits.

Great Hobbies--V-32 Seller (Canada)

Dragon Force

AMYA RG-65 Class Page  Rules, Q&A, Class Site
Dragon Force Restricted Class Rules Enforced at KMSC events
RG-65 USA Class Owners Association Lots of information

 Dragon Force Resource Center  Info & history

 Complete DF Build & Tips Includes assembly video and photos

Unpack the DF 65 Box (English) Utube video (Excellent)
Unpact the DF 65 Box (Spanish) Utube video
Dragon Force Build, Part 1  Utube video (followed by Parts 2 & 3)
Dragon Force Build, Final (Part 4)  Utube video
International Dragon Force Informaton Site  Information and more

Dragon Force Hints & Tips Good assembly information

Abersoch Boatyard Services  Dragon Force Hints & Tips Photos (click on Dragonforce 65 under DF65 Stuff in the left column.)
UK Dragon Force Site   Information, tips, events  US Distributor for Joysway Products (DF 65 & DF 95)
Atomic RC  Joysway parts
Sail RC  Joysway parts
Also search , Ebay  & Walmart for Dragon Force 65 boats
Dragon Force sailing in 20 to 30 mph wind   Utube video

Other Dayton/Cincinnati Sailing Clubs

Radio Control Sailing Club of Cincinnati (Soling 1 Meter, West Chester, OH)
Miami Valley Model Yacht Club (Soling 1 Meter, Star 45, Dayton, OH)


AMYA Footy Class Page

Footy Association--Everything Footy, free plans, photos, links to varous sources

Victor Model Products V-12 footy (cute! and reasonable)

Footy Hull Kit (No Website)--Laser Cut from Birch Plywood. $25 +shipping from Canada.

Sailboat Discussion Group--Hobby Lobby RC Groups. General RC Sailboat Discussion Group with some Footy messages

Discussion Forum--RC-Sailing. Footy only


Sailing Information

RC Sailboat & Model Sailing--How Shorten servo wires and a lot of other interesting information about RC boats.

AMYA--Americal Model Yachting Association

Wikipedia--Very good explanation about all aspects of sailing

How to sail Fast--Bob Sterne. Tune your rig.

Lester Gilbert--Extensive RC Sailboat technical info on many subjects. You can and should read this for hours.

Sailing Articles--Great information about how to race and more.

Rigid Sails, Wingmasts, hydrofoils--Tom Speer--interesting sailboat design.

AMYA sailing definitions. Good list of useful terms.

RC Racing Rules Tutorial. Study these these if you want to understand the Rules of Racing for RC sailboats.

Animated Racing Rules Racinig Rules Quiz--Clear graphics. Three levels of questions. Good way to learn the racing rules.
Dick Rose's Animated Rules of Sailing. Many clear animations of situations with rules and comments. Very nice site.

Other Info & Suppliers

WindJammin Sails--Miamisburg, OH, Lasercut RC Sailboat Sails, Spektrum Radios, and sailing supplies. Makes excellent custom sails for Star 45, S1M, V-32, Dragon Force boats, and all RC sail boats.

DX6i Spektrum Radio--Full details on this radio, download entire manual

Dimension Engineering --DX6 Spectrum Radio, double your battery time modification for $16. Also go to their Home Page and check out some interesting items.

The Mother of all Maritime Links--Modeling A-Z, pages 28 & 29 of 47 pages are Modeling--others are full-size related. Awesome!

Antenna Length--Impact of length change on 72/75 MHz radios.

Explain Radio Types--Spread Spectrum, PCM, FM, AM...

On-Board Video Camera-- Could be used for boats. Have systems that do not interfere with 75 MHz and 2.4 MHz Spektrum radios.
Battery Information. Extensive technical and practical information on all types of rechargeable batteries.
Make a Battery Pack and other How-To items. AMYA Reference.
Kettering Parks Home Page Delco Park sailing site for KMSC
Scuttlebutt Sailing Photos  Best full-size sailboat photo source for desktop wallpaper.
Boat Building Simplicity boat building. Small, full-size home builts and some non-RC models. Great for DIY and boats for kids.
Radio Controlled Boat. Wikapedia boats...power, sail, combat with links to many RC boat sites.
RC Sailing YouTube. Watch races and how to videos.

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