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We sail at Deer Meadow Park, Moraine, OH.

We do NOT  sail at Delco Park, Kettering, Ohio at this time. No water!

Sailing RC sailboats is fun and relaxing. Sailboats use no fuel, are quiet, and seldom get damaged. Please stop by and visit when we are sailing.


Sun shelter and sign at Deer Meadow Pond installed August, 2016.




Sail Schedule

KMSC Sailing Plan

The plan is being revised so V-32 and Dragon Force sailboats sail in the MVMYC according to the schedule posted at the MVMYC website.

The following information will be removed from here when the revised Sailing Plan is posted on the MVMYC website.

During suitable weather, the KMSC sails every Sunday afternoon from 2:30 to 5 pm. We race with formal scoring that counts toward the season standings almost every other Sunday, We just fun sail or practice sail with no formal score keeping on the other days. Don't be intimidated by our "every weekend" schedule. No one is expected to show up every time, and we average the scores, so missing a few scored days does not push you to last place. However, you can be sure there is someone to sail with every weekend if the weather is nice.  You need to participate in only half of the scored races to qualify for end of year recognition. See Complete Racing Plan.

Scored Racing is divided into two groups, a Spring Series and a Summer Series. Each series has about six scored races scheduled, and at our November meeting we recognize the skippers with the best scores for each series. SEE Sailing Schedule

Scored Racing is cancelled if less than three boats show up, the temperature is less than 50 degrees F.

V-32 Scored Days will be canceled if the wind prediction exceeds 12 mph, or is less than 3 mph.

Dragon Force maximum winds have not been established, but initial experiments indicate the A rig may handle winds up to 17 mph. Go to weather site.


Activities for 2017

V-32 and Dragon Force sailboats will sail according to the four-fleet schedule posted at the MVMYC.

Saturday, Jan 21, 2107.  Two Dragon Force 65 boats sailed at Dear Meadow pond after the MVMYC club meeting. How could we ignore 61 degrees and 9 mph forecast winds in the middle of winter?  Well, the wind ignored the forecast and turned out to be 3 mph with lulls.  It was still fun to sail our boats.

All sailing activities for KMSC, from to 2006 through 2016, may be found on the Club History Page.



Delco Pond February 20, 2016 (More Photos)

 Work on the Pond Complete

Work at Delco Pond was completed in March, 2016    See Photos of Delco Pond without water.

New Post Water level observed on Aug 15, 2016, was very low.  Water was barely up to the base of the concrete support pillars under the gazebo.  Now the muddy area in the photo is full of green weeds.  Will it ever fill up?

Our club sails at Deer Meadow Park in Moraine, OH, until we can determine when, and if we return to Delco Park. Map to Dear Meadow.


Kit Builder's Help Page

This page contains a number of close-up photos of V-32 rigging and parts that may be helpful for a kit builder who does not have access to a completed V-32. This page was posted in response to a kit-builder who requested more detail than found in the instructions. If you are building a kit and need some other details, let me know, and more photos will be posted there. Go to Kit Builder's Help Page.



Russell's Rules

by Russell Hardie

A page has been created to address questions and issues about racing rules that have come up during our club sailing events. Please  Go To this page to examine the presentations and discussions to help everyone avoid collisions and sail by the rules.


About Us

Kettering Model Sailing Club (KMSC)  AMYA Club #237

The KMSC races model sailboats in accordance with ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing. V-32s comply with AMYA V-32 Class rules.  Dragon Force boats comply with the Dragon Force Restricted Class Rules and the RG-65 Class rules.  See About Us for more information about our club. AMYA sanctioned regattas and a club regatta have been hosted at Delco Pond.

The club Sailing Schedule shows when we race and practice. See more detail About US. We invite you to come out to the pond and try sailing one of our boats when we are sailing a fun day to see if you like it. On the scored days , we are very focused on the races because we are competing for position in the race and for the season; so please excuse us if we seem to be unfriendly.

See the club's previous years' history on the KMSC History Page.

Mark Camden posted two videos on You Tube of sailing at our club pond and another one when we sailed at Lake Lakengren:

 Ground Level You Tube video Aerial You Tube Video Club sail at Lake Lakengren

If you want to get an RC sailboat and join us, please read the Getting Started page, and contact us if you have any questions before you buy.

V-32 Photos

V-32 Fleet

The V-32 was chosen as the initial fleet because of its overall performance, reasonable cost, durability, factory-build/kit option, and beauty. No other factory built boat comes in such a wide variety of hull and sail colors, and with a beautiful wood deck. This boat is manufactured in the United States and can be purchased online in as a kit or as a fully built, Ready-to-Sail (RTS) boat from the Victor Products factory. The V-32 is a recognized AMYA Class and boats participating in KMSC club racing as well as AMYA sanctioned events must comply with the V-32 Class rules.

Victor Model Products ships kits and fully-built V-32s from their factory in Louisiana. Factory built boats come with HiTek 2.4 GHz radios and the ones we have seen look great! This more sophisticated radio may have bumped the price of the fully-built sailboat up a bit, but it is well worth the extra cost.

DF Small
Dragon Force Page

 Dragon Force Fleet

Many KMSC club members have purchased Dragon Force boats, and 2016 is the first season we are sailing this boat as a club. This boat performs surprisingly well for its 25.6 inch length. See KMSC Dragon Force Page, for more information, and photos of our boats.  See Links Page for online information and resources.

If you want to get started RC sailing, this is another good sailing boat, but at a more reasonable price.  See our Scheduled sail days for Dragon Force Scored racing during the 2016 season.

See Tugboat Detail Page

Tugboat Fleet  

Well, really, just a fleet of one rescue tugboat.  On Aug 9, 2015, this tugboat made its first recovery of a V-32 which had an unresponsive rudder.  Built by Ralph Kanko from a 1978 Dumas 24 inch Shelly Foss all-wood kit.  Displacement: 7 lbs. 3 oz.  On its second heroic rescue, it retrieved a boat with a downed mast at the 2015 AMYA V-32 NCR.  It has also been used to drag course markers and fishing lines out into the pond.  Go to Tugboat Page
Tugboat drydock Tugboat Inside

Footy Photos

THE Footy

This boat no longer sails the waters at Delco Pond.  It has been relocated to DesMoines, IA, under the command of Capt. John Davis. The Footy is the smallest AMYA sanctioned class. This cute little boat is only 12 inches long! It can be built very cheaply using free plans, purchased as a kit, or the boat may be an original design. Footy plans are available from many sources. Check out the Spring 2011 issue of the AMYA Model Yachting Magazine for complete Footy plans.

The Class Rules for this boat allow wide design variations and can be fun for builders who like to experiment. See Footy information & Photos, and links to other Footy websites for more information.


AMYA V-32 Regattas

The first AMYA V-32 National Regatta was held in 2003. KMSC has sponsored a number of regattas at Delco Park, in Kettering, OH.



AMYA is the US model sailboat association that keeps the sport of RC sailboat racing organized and fair. Please go to the AMYA web site to find the most complete compilation of information about this hobby.

If you are thinking of buying your first RC sailboat, please visit the AMYA FAQS and Getting Started pages to get some good advice about choosing the right boat. The AMYA Hints page contains a information about sailing and troubleshooting and is strongly recommended reading for novice and experienced sailors.

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