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Footy Photo Page

AMYA's Sanctioned Fleet with the Smallest Boat

This little boat is a lot of fun to sail. It is not as fast as a larger boat such as the V-32 when the wind is up. However, in mild wind conditions, when the water is almost calm, it can keep up surprisingly well. That is because an 8 inch wave is is equivalent to 20 foot seas for a real boat. You really have to keep on your toes when sailing a Footy. It will tack in the time it takes to glance at your watch if a gust hits it just right. I had to reduce the throw on the rudder to about half of what the other boats use. It can tack so quick that it will visibly hop up over it's own wake! The first time that happened I thought I hit a rock. This design does not stick its bow under water in 0 -10 mph conditions if built with the keel located as specified in the plans.

The Footy Class Rules allow for many Footy Design variations.

A Footy is so convenient to carry in the car. It fits on the seat with the seat belt across the keel or you can hook the crane over a clothes hangar hook, and it doesn't even touch the seat. Do you know how many fully rigged Footys you can carry in VW? If you have a pond near your work location, this boat is just right for a half-hour, noon time sail or a quick stop on the way home. The most often heard comment is "Oh, isn't that cute!" See AMYA Footy Fleet Rules.

"Wee 1"  

Built by Ralph Kanko from a "Pipsqueak" kit from Highlander Yachts, in New Zealand. Unfortunately, Highlander no longer sells this kit, but there are many other sources for kits and design information. See Links.When I get photos of other Footy sailboats, they will be posted here.

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Now doesn't it look happy?

Sailing in the sun

Can you sail in the snow?
No you can only sail in the water.
However, this is the only boat
that can leave footprints in the

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

Rigging Close-up

Inside Installation

Hey, wait! I was going to call "Starboard!"

What to do on a snowy day in Feb


Footy cover

Deck Cover. Monocoat over balsa frame.

Measurments (inches)
Length:   12
Beam: 5.125
Mast Height:  20.375
Main Boom:  6.5
Jib Boom:  5.875
Keel Depth: 6
Weight with radio & batt:  485 grams
Radio and batt Not included with Sale
Built from Pipsqueak Hylander Yachts kit
Hull: Thin fiberlass.   Deck: Balsa
Mast:  1/4 in arrow shaft graphite over aluminum
Main boom:  Graphite tube 0.120 in. dia.
Jib Boom: Graphite tube 0.100 in. dia.
Crane: Graphite tube 0.120 in. dia.
Threaded fine adjusters on Main & Jib booms
Custom machined delrin and aluminum boom fittings
Sails: Hylander dacron, 3 panel main, 2 panel jib

Just how small is it?

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