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Delco Pond Construction

The banks of Delco Pond have been rebuilt.  Work started on Feb 3, 2015 and appears to be complete as seen in these March 14, 2016 photos. The grass has been cut back about four to six feet, and rocks have been installed to prevent erosion.  Three of the rock outcroppings we usually launch from (one by the bench and two on the south shore) have been left as-is, but have been surrounded by rocks.

The pond water level is rising from the spring rains, so we will wait to see when there is enough water to sail.  The  large rocks surrounding the pond may be too rough for us cross for access to the water.  Unfortunately, any groundings near the shore will be on these rocks which extend well below the pond surface.

View over bench 2/20/16
Look SE from bench rock 3/14/16

Looking North, Rock in front of bench 2/20/16

Looking North, Rock in front of bench 3/14/16
Looking from Gazebo to the East 2/20/16

Looking from Gazebo to the East 3/14/16

Gazebo is high and dry 2/20/16

South shore 3/14/15

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