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V-32 Kit Builder's Help Page

This page shows some details of a completed V-32 that may help a kit builder.

If you are building a kit and need more details not found here, please let me know and more photos will be posted.  ( See CONTACTS page)

Photos by Ralph Kanko


View from Aft Starboard. Modified main boom end is non-standard.

Top Rigging

Top Rigging. Reinforcment bolt prevents dislodging the crane when you hit it while unloading the boat from your car at the pond, and ruining a whole day of sailing.

Jib Clew Close

Jib Clew with reinforcement

Spreader Keeper

Spreader and Sail numbers

Jib Clew

Jib Rigging

Jib Tack

Jib Tack

Rudder Servo Trim

Main Clew

Main Clew

Cockpit Port

Equipment installation view from Port

Cockpit starboard

Equipment installation view from Starboard. It is important to prevent the sheets from catching on something.  A jammed servo can cause serious damage. (See Photos)

Hull Number

Label with Hull number is located on the starboard side. Cover it with clear tape or a clear coating.

Standard Vang

Stock Vang. Modified goose neck using ball link

Vang Brass_1

Brass Vang with Swith and Hatch tab

Vang Brass

Brass Vang and modified Downhaul rigging.

Recommend installing the brass vang. Original cotterpin-to-eyelet setup can jam in low wind conditions and prevent the boom from swinging to the other side during a tack. 

As described in the Victor vang installation instructions, after installing the brass vang, wrap and glue the lower part of the vang mounting plate against the mast.  The wrapping must capture the brass plate.  If not installed this way the screw will pull out.

V-32 Photo Pages - Index ... 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - Next


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