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KMSC Sailing, Delco Park, Kettering, OH

Photos by Ralph Kanko


Kurt & Nina

Kurt & Nina June 23, 2010 

Kurt 1st

Kurt Launching new boat, Nina at the helm.

Turning around a close mark 

Brian & Connie with new boat

Brian, first sail with new boat. August 26, 2007

Russel's boat in sparkling water

Eric's new, hand built boat Mar, 2009

Charging toward the finish on a day with perfect wind

David's first sail with new boat. 21 Sept 08

Midcourse between two far marks

Three-Two-One-DING! (see next->)

A few seconds after the start. Gary is out front!

Russel making a dash for the finsh

Eight boats out on 12 Oct 08

All smiles after a fun sail day. 26 Aug 07

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Now I Am a Health Nut!
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I though that was good idea so I did exactly what he said, I now go sailing four times a week instead of only twice. I walk back and forth between the car and the pond to bring the boat, lawn chair, umbrella, and cooler. I bend down to launch and retrieve my boat. And weight lifting, hoo boy, am I into that! My boat is pretty heavy, and do you know how much a cooler full of soda and ice weighs?

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