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2006 AMYA V-32 Region 4 Championship Regatta

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Des Moines, Iowa        August 18 & 19, 2006 

Ten skippers participated in the Region 4 competition. The first day we sailed on on the East side of the lake. The course was moved to the other side of the lake on the second day to take advantage of the wind conditions. Wind was variable, mostly a mild wind, but with a few times of dead calm associated with 90 degree shifts in wind direction. It was a great time of sailing.

Photos by Ralph Kanko


Charlie Rhinehart's V-32


(Left to Right)

Dave Haggart, 3rd
Charlie Rhinehart, 1st
Dan Fenimore, 2nd

Dan Fenimore's V-32

I did not get a photo of Dave Haggart's
V-32. But I did get some close-ups
of his neat drum winch installation.-->

Dave, Send me a photo and I will
put it on this page.

Charlie's V-32 sailing throught the sun

Ten Skippers who raced...but Dave's
boat is not in this photo either.

Practicing on Friday

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