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KMSC History

Information is arranged in inverse chronological order

~~~~~~~ 2016 ~~~~~~

KMSC/MVMYC 2016 V-32 and Dragon Force Sailing Record

Revision 1.2, 10/8/16 Combine Spring and Summer Seasons


Sunday, November 27, 2016. Fun Sailing Day announced by Email. Last sail day of 2016. Three Dragon Force and one Angel sailboats practice raced in 49 degrees, but very nice wind about 6 to 8 mph.  We quit at 4:00 pm; which was more than enough time to get cold.

Sunday, November 20, 2016. The forecast for this Sunday is a high of 37F and 17 mph winds, which is way beyond our agreed upon limits.  Don't expect to see anyone sailing. Pretty soon we will need to install our ice breaker bows!  Does anyone read this stuff?

Friday, November 18, 2016.  The MVMYC will be at the pond this afternoon at 2 pm to remove the marks and clean out the shed.  KMSC skippers, please join the team and help out if you can. Thanks.

Sunday, November 13, 2016. Fun Sailing Day announced by Email. Three V-32s and one Dragon Force sailed in 4 to 5 mph winds, under clear skies and 55 degrees.  It was a very nice day to sail.  We did a number of practice races using rabbit starts, and it was fun. 

Sunday, November 6, 2016. Fun Sailing CANCELLED. Great temperature of 67 was predicted, but the wind will be only 2 to 3 mph this afternoon...and the "higher" winds don't arrive until 4 or 5 pm.

Sailing in November?  If the fair weather continues, we will continue to sail on Sunday afternoons.  Emails will be sent each Friday to announce Fun Sail days.

Saturday, November 5, 2016. Annual KMSC meeting with MVMYC at MCL Cafeteria.  Meet and eat at 12 noon.  Nineteen club members voted to work toward combining the MVMYC and the KMSC.  The club officers will meet in two weeks and prepare a plan for combining assets and duties. The draft plan will be sent out via Email for member comment and approval. THEN we will vote whether to combine the clubs.  After the vote, other issues such as schedule, marks, actvities, and Regattas will be worked by various volunteers and committees.  There were a lot of good ideas presented that could increase interest, sailing skill, and socialization.

Sunday, October 30, 2016.  Last 2016 SCORED DAY for V-32s.  Nine V-32s raced seven races. Wind was about 10 mph with a few higher gusts and temperature was 72. Good sailing day, at least for an hour.  After four races we stopped to let a shower pass.  Three races later we got rained out, and quit at 3:30 pm.  One boat had a loose battery pack connector and unplugged itself. Boat was retrieved on the far side of the pond.  Result: Ralph first, Eric second, Bill K. third, and Dan fourth.

Sunday, October 23, 2016.  Last 2016 SCORED DAY for Dragon Force sailboats. Six Dragon Force sailboats raced in winds up to 20 mph.  The forecast missed the mark on this one—winds were much higher than predicted.  Racing was furious, boats were hard to control at times and there were a good number of collisions.  Lots of stops for draining water, and many times a boat had a LOT of water.  A few boats were taken out of several races for repairs or battery replacement and one quit after the fifth race. Thirteen races were completed, and it was almost a relief to end the day.  Tough little boat!  A great day of racing.  Results:  Eric first; Rob second; Dan third, and Bill B. fourth. 

Sunday, Oct 16, 2016.  V-32 SCORED DAY CANCELLED.  Forecast winds of 16 to 18 mph.

Sunday, Oct 9, 2016. Fun sail day for V-32 and Dragon Force boats.  Eight boats sailed today in good weather.  The wind was light, and even stopped altogether several times.  There were three V-32s, three Dragon Forces, one Star 45, and one Angel.  We had great time sailing practice races.  V-32 and Dragon Force boats were exchanging the lead from race to race, but the Star 45 was almost always first, even though it started a full minute later than all the others.

Sunday, October 2, 2016.  SCORED DAY for Dragon Force.  This was the first DF Scored Day for the summer season, because unfavorable weather forced us to cancel two previous DF scored days.  Seven DF sailboats raced eleven times in nearly perfect weather. Temperature was 70 degrees, wind about 2 to 8 mph, under partly cloudy skies.  We did feel a few dribbles of rain from one small gray cloud.  Winds often died out, but only for very short periods of time.  Thanks to all the skippers for being extremely polite, and taking penalties when errors were made.  It was a great day to sail…hope we have few more this month.  Results: First-Ralph K, Second-Eric C, Third-Dan M. Fourth-Bill B.

Sunday, Sept 25, 2016.  Dragon Force SCORED DAY CANCELLED.  No wind.

Sunday, Sept 18, 2016.  V-32 and Dragon Force fun day cancelled.  The Star 45 National Championship Regatta is using the pond.

Sunday, Sep 11, 2016.  SCORED V-32.  First SCORED V-32 race day in the Summer Season. Bad weather cancelled two previous days. Five boats sailed Sunday in very exciting light to zero wind. We had a lot of floaters and then a little breeze. We ended voting to quit early at 4:00 so we packed up and went home. Results:  Rob H. first; Dan M. second; John E. third; Bill B. fourth.

Sunday, Sept 4, 2016.  Three Dragon Force boats sailed from the dock in leisurely, but constant winds.  Just a fun time.

Sunday, Aug 28, 2016.  Dragon Force SCORED DAY CANCELLED due to sailing overload.  Most DF skippers sailed the V-32 NCR on Saturday, and voted to cancel this scored day.  Winds were predicted to be 3 to 4 mph, which was worse than the Saturday forecast.

Saturday, Aug 27, 2016.  AMYA V-32 National Championship Regatta. Twelve competitors participated in the V-32 NCR with very light winds in the morning and 4 to 6 mph in the afternoon. Temperature reached 90 degrees.  See results of this event on the AMYA Regatta History Page.

Friday, Aug 26, 2016.   Starting at 1:00 pm we will have optional practice sessions in preparation for the NCR on Saturday.  Visitors welcome.

Sunday, Aug 21, 2016.   Make-up V-32 Scored Day CANCELLED due to 15 mph winds.  Four Dragon Force sailboats fun sailed in wind that varied from 4 to 16 mph. The DFs handled the wind just fine.  The wind was especially irregular in velocity and direction.  There were times when the sail went from close-hauled port to close-hauled starboard without changing course, without any rudder input...and it came as a complete surprise.

Sunday, Aug 14, 2016.   V-32 Scored Day CANCELLED due to rain and thunderstorms.

Sunday, Aug 7, 2016.  Fun sail day for V-32s and Dragon Force boats.  Three V-32's and five DF-65's sailed in maybe 0 to 3 mph totally erratic wind direction. Weather was decent, a little hot but most had a good time.

Sunday, July 31, 2016.  Dragon Force SCORED DAY. 

Eleven Dragon Force sailboats competed in ten races, but due to some problems the maximum boats that sailed at one time were ten.  Temperature was 83 degrees, with winds from zero to about 7 mph, under partly cloudy skies.  Wind was especially quirky with frequent lulls and a lot directional shifts.  There were a good number of collisions especially at the first mark when all the boats tried to sail in the same spot.  Penalty turns were taken when called, and everyone was a very good sport!  Results: Scott R. First place with 5 firsts, Bill K. Second with 3 firsts, Dan M. Third with 1 first, and Dave L. Fourth.  Dave E. had the other first finish.

Sunday, July 24, 2016.  V-32 and Dragon Force fun day. Three boats sailed, and quit early.  It was hot!

Sunday, July 17, 2016.  V-32 SCORED DAY. This was the last V-32 Scored Day of the Spring Season. Nine V-32s were at the pond to race.  Wind was perfect 7 to 10 mph, temperature was about 86, under partly cloudy skies.  A great sail day.  John E., RD for the day, set up a course that was a beat to the southwest yellow mark and we sailed the same course ten times.  There were a number of collisions and required penalty turns, but no arguments. 

The boats sailed just fine, but there were three radio problems.  One boat had a radio failure before we started, and did not even get in the water. Another boat had a rudder servo fail after the third race.  A third boat had intermittent radio problems that knocked it out of four races and ruined two others.

Results:  1st Rob with four firsts; 2nd Ralph with three firsts; 3rd Mark with two firsts; and 4th Jose with one first.  The first and second places were separated by only one point, and second and third were tied.  Ralph took second place because he had one more first place finish than Mark.

Sunday, July 10, 2016.  Fun Sail Day for V-32s and Dragon Forces.  Eight skippers sailed in light winds.  About three DFs and the rest were V-32s.  Hot but fun.

Sunday, July 3, 2016.  Fun Sail Day Cancelled.  Rain showers.

Sunday, June 26, 2016. SCORED Dragon Force day.  Nine Dragon Force sailboats competed in 91 degree temperatures, but wind was variable from almost nothing to about 6 mph.  Eight races were completed.  There were several boats that got hooked together and a raft or two.  The only real tragedy was when the launch/recovery stick fell in the water, and started to float away.  It was retrieved with a throw-out mark.  Results: Scott First, Eric Second, Bill K. Third, and Bill B. Fourth.  Good Sailing!

Sunday, June 19, 2016. Fun Day. There was one V-32 and six Dragon Force sailboats. Two, count them, TWO tugboats motored around the pond after all the sailboats had left. The weather was 90 degrees with winds from about 2 to7 mph. We had a few gusts, but not many. As always on this pond, the wind was shifty, but even worse today with wind changes of probably 120 degrees.  It was good time sailing today.

Sunday, June 12, 2016. Rescheduled V-32 SCORED DAY.  Eight V-32s raced in perfect weather!  What a great time to be out on the pond with good friends sailing our toy boats.  Temperature was 87 degrees, and we never ran out of wind which was 6 to 10 mph with a few knockdown gusts.  Rob H. was the RD.  Wind direction was changing across the pond and during the day, which made navigation challenging and interesting.  The wind was from the NNW so we never did not have a good first-leg beat, but usually had to tack at least once.  One boat had the mast fall off and was rescued by the tug after race five.  Another boat had a sail servo problem and quit after the fifth race. Fourteen races were completed with Bill. K and Rob H. dominating the first place finishes. Ralph K. was able to wrestle only two first places from the leaders.  Results:  Bill K. First place with 7 first finishes; Rob H. Second with 5 firsts; Ralph K. Third with 2 firsts; and Dan M. Fourth.

Sunday, June 5, 2016. V-32 Score Day CANCELLED.  Three Dragon Force sailboats played in the water at Deer Meadow park this afternoon.  Winds were 12 to 17 mph, temperature was 77 F, under partly cloudy skies. Some boats took on water another did not.  One boat was hit by a strong gust that dipped the mast in the water, and the sloshing water in the hull shut down the receiver that was mounted on one side of the hull just under the deck.  No rain or threatening clouds--bad weather had finished before we arrived. We ran several practice races and had a good time. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016. Fun day for Dragon Force and V-32.  Seven boats sailed this afternoon at Deer Meadow Park--four V-32s and three DFs.  It was a great day to sail. Quite warm at 83 degrees with partly cloudy skies.  We had one very light sprinkle at 3 pm and the dark thunder clouds rumbled just as we quit at 4:15 pm.  We sailed a good number of practice races.  The V-32 and Dragon Force seem to do okay sailing as a mixed fleet, but a DF can get blanketed when sailing leeward of a V-32 which has more sail area.  It appeared that a Dragon Force took first place in the heavier wind of 8 to 11 mph, but a V-32 was taking first place when the wind dropped to about 6 mph.

One V-32 had a camera mounted on the top of the mast, and the operator used a head-mounted FPV display.  Pretty neat, Mark!

Sunday, May 22, 2016.  Dragon Force SCORED DAY. Seven Dragon Force sailboats raced in high winds on the this year's second DF scored day .  Gusts were measured as high as 20 mph.  One boat almost sank after a collision dislodged the hatch cover. The boat took on water and began to sink, but fortunately the boat floated nose up and was rescued.  High wind made it impossible to tack in the shifts, or when you wanted to. We had to tack in the lulls, or instant irons occurred.  Sometimes the tack was denied altogether, the boat ended up going the same way. 

Most everyone had water in their boat.  The smallest wrinkle or gap in the hatch cover turns into a huge problem. After it's wet, there is no chance of re-attaching. That needs a solution.  Many secured their drain plug with string or wire—which was smart since we had to drain after almost every race Results:  Rob H. First Place with 10 firsts, Eric Second with two firsts, Jose Third, Bill B. Fourth with one first.

Sunday, May 15, 2016. V-32 Scored Day CANCELLED due to high wind of 15 mph.  No Dragon sailing due to the cool temperature.

Sunday, May 8, 2016. Fun sail day. Four boats sailed at Deer Meadow today--two Dragons and two S1M.  Wind was about 6 mph from the South and steady.  Temperature started in the upper 50s, but by 4 pm, when the rain chased us away, it was only 52 degrees.  No sun, just overcast. If you picked this day to miss sailing, you sure didn't miss much.

Sunday, May 1, 2016.  Dragon Force SCORED DAY, Deer Meadow Park.  Our first Dragon Force Scored Day was a great success.  Nine Dragon Force sailboats competed. Weather was nice, but we could have used a little more wind. Temperature was 75 degrees, wind about zero to 6 mph, changing directions often.  Sky was partly cloudy, and the sun was bright. Two V-32s also sailed with the Dragons.  We haven’t had eleven boats on the water for years except during the National Regattas. What a fun day!  Results after ten races:  Rob H--First for the day with 4 first places; Eric C--Second with 2 first places; Bill K--Third with 1 first place; Ralph K--Fourth with 2 first places. Dave L--had 1 first place.

Sunday, April 24, 2016. V-32 Scored day-first of the season. Weather was perfect! What a great day to be out at the pond.  It was 73 degrees, wind was zero to about 6 mph, coming from extremely variable directions.  Six V-32s raced 13 heats.  One Dragon Force raced along and pretty much held its own.  Results: Rob H--1st with three firsts, Ralph--2nd with six firsts, Mark C--3rd with three firsts, and Jose G--4th with one first.

Sunday, April 17, 2016.  Fun Day. Six Dragons and three V-32s sailed in perfect weather.  Winds were about 2 to 6 mph with a few greater gusts.  Temperature was 78 degrees under cloudless skies.  We ran practice races with mixed V-32s and Dragons for an hour then ran only Dragons.  It was a very nice day to be out sailing!

Thursday, April 14, 2016.  Four KMSC skippers and one guest sailed Dragons and a V-32 at Deer Meadow park this afternoon. Wind was about 6 to 10 mph with a few higher gusts.  Temperature was 68. The marks have been set in the pond, so we raced around a short course for practice.  Docks are kind of high, but no problem for launching V-32s.  Launch and recovery sticks were used for the Dragon Force boats, which worked great.  It was nice day to check out the new pond.

Sunday, April 10, 2016.  Fun Day cancelled due to cold weather and high wind.

Sunday, April 3, 2016.  Fun Day cancelled due to cold weather and high wind.

Saturday, Mar 26, 2016.  Four skippers sailed for a few hours at Oak Grove Park on Social Row Road south of Centerville.  We had two Dragons, one V-32 and one S1M.  The temperature was about 58, in bright sunlight, with wind gusting from almost nothing to about 6 mph. We just sailed around for fun as there were no marks to race around. It was a good time.  The tug rescued a S1M when the battery failed.

Saturday, Feb 27, 2016.  KMSC meeting held at MCL cafeteria. The alternate sailing site for our club is Deer Meadow Park in Moraine, OH.  The schedule is finalized and it includes the Dragon Force. A small addition concerning the Dragon Force sailboats was added to the KMSC Racing Plan. The 2016 AMYA V-32 NCR in August, will also be held at Deer Meadow.

~~~~~~~ 2015 ~~~~~~


Event Date Event Time Club Event Name Boat Notes
Sun, Apr 5 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race CX Hi wind V-32 CX Easter
Sun, Apr 12 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32  
Sat, Apr 18 2:30 PM KMSC Added FUN Day V-32  
Sun, Apr 19 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 CX Rain & Wind
Sun, Apr 26 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32 CX Hi Wind
Sun, May 3 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 GOOD Weather!
Sun, May 10 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race CX Hi Wind V-32 CX Mothers Day
Sun, May 17 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Fun Day V-32 Chg due to weather
Sun, May 24 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 Revised Make-up
Mon, May 25     Memorial Day   Holiday
Sun, May 31 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32  
Sun, Jun 7 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32 CX Hi Wind
Sat, Jun 13 2:30 PM KMSC Added Fun Day V-32 Added to avoid WX
Sun, Jun 14 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 CX Hi Wind
Sun, Jun 21 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race  Cx Hi Wind V-32 CX Fathers Day
Sun, Jun 28 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 GOOD Weather
Sat, Jul 4     Independence Day   3 July Holiday
Sun, Jul 5 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32 Light winds
Sun, Jul 12 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 CX Thunderstorms
Sun, Jul 19 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Scored Race V-32 CX Rain & Storms
Sat, Jul 25 TBD KMSC Lakengren Sail V-32 Cancelled
Sun, Jul 26 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 Short Day 6 races


Event Date Event Time Club Event Name Boat Notes
Sun, Aug 2 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 Good Weather
Sun, Aug 9 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32  Light Wind
Sat, Aug 15 9:00 AM KMSC *AMYA V-32 NCR V-32 One-day event
Sun, Aug 16 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 Cancel Low Wind
Sun, Aug 23 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32 Good Wind
Sun, Aug 30 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32  Good Weather
Sun, Sep 6 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32  Light Wind
Mon, Sep 7     Labor Day   Holiday
Sun, Sep 13 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32  Good Wind
Sun, Sep 20 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32 Perfect Weather
Sun, Sep 27 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 Perfect Weather
Sun, Oct 4 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32 Perfect Weather
Sun, Oct 11 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32 Perfect Weather 
Mon, Oct 12     Columbus Day   Holiday
Sun, Oct 18 2:30 PM KMSC Fun Race V-32  HIgh Winds. Good day.
Sun, Oct 25 2:30 PM KMSC Scored Race V-32  Perfect Weather
Sun, Nov 1 2:30 KMSC FUN RACE added V-32 Perfect weather
Sat, Nov 14 12:00 noon KMSC Club Meeting MCL Cafeteria All Welcome AWARDS and Planning for 2016 Sailing.

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2105. Two V-32s sailed in beautiful 3 to 5 mph winds. Temperature was 61 degrees, no rain, and partly cloudy.  We sailed until the wind died and the water became smooth as glass about 4:45 pm.  The two boats were recovered from the pond with the tugboat.  What a great fun sailing day.  The tugboat pulled a fishing line 275 feet out on the pond.  The fisherman was bottom fishing for catfish.  Worked pretty good, but he still caught nothing.

Sunday, Dec 13, 2105. Unscheduled Fun Sail Day. The weather forecast was so good, we called a last minute Let's-go-sail-today event.  Four skippers sailed under gloomy skies.  Temperature was 64 degrees, 5-8 mph winds, and no threat of rain.  We set up a three mark course and sailed a lot of practice races.  Three very interested visitors talked with us.  Hope to see Ken, Ken and Rick again when we start sailing regularly next spring.  Don't winterize your sailboat yet!  There may be some more nice days with this mild weather. Watch your email on Friday and Saturday for an invite to sail.

Sunday, Nov 15, 2015.  Fun Day.  The weather was very nice for sailing.  62 degrees under a bright sun, and light wind of 4 to 7 mph. Four V-32 skippers sailed  practice races for two hours.  The park had removed the permanent marks so we sailed around our throwout marks which were placed a good distance from the shore by the tugboat.  It was a fun, relaxing sail day.  Probably the last one of the year, since the high temperatures will fall into the 40s near the end of this week, and the forecast for next Saturday night includes the possibililty of snow. This was the last sail day of 2015.

Saturday, Nov 14, 2015, 12:00 Noon.  Annual Meeting.  MCL Cafeteria, 4485 Far Hills Ave, Kettering, OH. We awarded certificates to the the 1st through 4th place winners for the the Spring and Summer series--at least to those who were there.  Minutes will be sent out to all club members.  Another meeting will be held in February to discuss the Dragon Force boat and make a final decision whether to hold an AMYA regatta at Delco Park in 2016.

Sunday, Nov 1, 2015.  Fun Day.  Fun Race day.  Six boats practice raced today in great weather. Wind was 6 to 9 mph and temperature 66 degrees under mostly clear skies.  Wind was from the SW swinging between south and west, so we used two marks in the SW corner and sailed mostly twice around those marks.  No one had any boat problems.  Several skippers tried out the Dragon Force sailboat.  Hope we have a few more good days like this.

NOTE: According to our schedule, the 2015 Sailing  Season is over on October 25. Kettering Parks will remove the peramanent marks around Oct 31.  However, we will continue to meet at the pond on Sunday afternoons and Fun Sail with our temporary marks as long as the weather allows.  Emails will be sent on Friday or Saturday to all interested skippers and friends to coordinate our activities.

Sunday, Oct 25, 2015.  SCORED DAY.  Seven V-32s completed 16 races in beautiful weather.  Temperature was about 60 degrees, wind was 4 to 7 mph with a few light spots and very few big gusts.  The trees were ablaze with golden yellow, orange and red leaves. We sailed a north-south course all day. Winds shifted between ENE and WNW.  This was a perfect day for our last scored race day at Delco Pond this season.  One boat had a rudder servo failure and only missed two races during a servo replacement.  No throw out marks were used. This is the first time this year that the course marks as set were exactly right for an almost Olympic style course. We sailed a total of 85 races during the summer season. Results for today:  Bill K. First with 9 first finishes, Ralph Second with 4 firsts, John E. Third with 2 firsts, Dan Fourth.  Steve had the other first place finish.  We will sail next Sunday as a FUN DAY if the weather is good.  We may or may not have the permanent marks.

Sunday, October 18, 2015.  Fun sail day.  Seven boats sailed the windy water at Delco Park this afternoon.  Winds were about 8 to 12 mph with a few higher gusts.  The wind got light a few times, but never quit.  Temperature was only 56 degrees, but with proper clothing layers, it was tolerable. We sailed practice races out to the far marks.  One Dragon Force sailed in the bunch just to see what it could do.  It did surprisingly well for a 26 inch boat.  Won two races, and placed high in a number of others.  Best performance was on a run with a fresh gust--that 3 lb boat really accelerated.  It handled the big gusts a lot better than the V-32s. Two (or was it three?) V-32s lost their masts due to shrouds or stays coming undone. One boat had to retire for the day after the sail servo locked up.  Next Sunday is a SCORED DAY, our last of the Summer Season.   Hope we have good weather. 

NOTE 10/11/15:  Kettering Park will remove the marks about 30 October, so we have only two more Sundays with the big marks.  If the weather holds out, we still sail with the throw-out marks in November.

Sunday, October 11, 2015. SCORED DAY. Nine V-32s raced today in perfect weather.  We raced 14 times, mostly around the farthest marks because the wind was very good.  Temperature was 72 under cloudless skies.  Wind was about 6 to 10 mph with a few higher gusts and good quantity of dead air which never lasted very long.  The wind was especially shifty which made for interesting and challenging sailing.  A good start at the right end was sometimes thwarted by a wind shift before we got to the first mark that gave the advantage to the boats that started on the other end of the start line.  One V-32 quit racing after race six when a shroud broke while launching.  Two boats got stuck together near the start of the ninth race and drifted to shore.  A very good day of sailing.  Two visitors stopped by and tried out a boat before we started the racing--Hope they come again!  Results: Ralph First with 6 first places, Bill K. Second with 4 first places, John E. Third with 2 first places, Dan Fourth, and Jose Fifth with 2 first places. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015. Fun Sail day. The weather was perfect for sailing at Delco Park today.  Temperature 72 degrees, winds 6 to 9 mph with lots of gusts, under partly cloudy skies.  Three of us sailed practice races over a pretty long course. Several visitors stopped and tried the boats out.  It was a lot of fun.  One boat was a Dragon Force, the other two were V-32s. The tugboat make a V-32 rescue when the rudder server started acting up on a boat that had just been set up with a new old radio.  The tug boat also carried a marker out into the pond and dropped it before we started racing.

Sunday, September 27, 2015. SCORED DAY. Five V-32s raced in very good weather. Temperature was 78, wind was variable, as always, mostly 4 to ~ 8 mph, there were also a few patches of shiny water with no wind.  No clouds; no threat of rain.  We set up a course on the south shore to make the first leg a beat to a throw-out mark in the southeast corner of the pond.  Wind at the first mark was challenging due to the effects of the shoreline and from the trees messing with the wind. We sailed eleven races, almost all were long courses with four or five legs.  It was a very nice day to be out by the pond playing with our boats.  We missed four of our regular skippers who were on vacation, at a S1M regatta, or recovering from surgery--hope to see you all back at the pond next week.  Results: Ralph first place with nine firsts; Dave second place with one first, Mark third, and Steve fourth with one first.

Sunday, September 20, 2015. Weather was perfect for our Fun Sail day.  Four V-32s sailed in variable winds of 3 to 8 mph with a few gusts a bit higher. Temperatures were in the mid 70s, but when the sun was not covered by a cloud it was getting hot.  The moving clouds created various wind conditions of speed and direction, and the wind was mostly good, with only a few moments of near zero wind. We sailed the far marks almost all the practice races. What a fun day of sailing.  If you were not there you missed good time!  Next week is a Scored Day.

Sunday, September 13, 2015.  Six V-32s raced 13 times on this SCORED DAY in very good weather. Temperature was 69 under scattered cloudy skies.  Winds were ranging mostly 6 to 11 mph with a few higher gusts.  Wind was out of the west-northwest, so we sailed out to the far yellow mark.  Unexpected lifts were plentiful and often abrubtly changed who was in the lead.   First place positions were captured by four skippers, and so evenly spread that we could not determine at the pond who might be the first place finisher of the day.  Results:  Bill K. 1st with four first place finishes, Ralph 2nd with four first places, Rob 3rd with two first places, and Dan 4th with three first places.  The difference between first and second place (average) was only 0.02.  Two boats got hooked together near the far yellow mark, and drifted back to the east shore.  One boat stopped responding to the rudder, and headed for the north shore and a potential collisionwith the rock wall.  Before the boat got to the shore, the rudder came back to life and the boat was brought back safely. What a great day of sailing!

Sunday, September 6, 2015.  Fun Sail day.  Only four V-32s sailed today on this Labor Day holiday weekend.  Wind was light, maybe reaching 5 mph for short periods, but mostly around 3 to 4 mph. There were numerous periods of no wind as well. Wind direction changed often, sometimes appearing to be going in a circle! Temperature was 89 degrees so we all sat under the shade tree which made it quite comfortable.  We raced some short courses, and when the wind was up we went out to the far yellow mark.  For most of the races the four boats were split into two groups.  The first two started at the bell, the others started when a boat rounded the first mark. Several races were run where the first mark had to be hit instead of rounded--it was a surprise to learn how hard it can be to hit the mark when you want to. Good day of sailing.

Sunday, August 30, 2015.  SCORED Sail Day.  Seven V-32s raced today completing 15 races. Winds were about 5 mph and fairly steady.  Temperature was in the mid 80s.  Results:  Bill K. 1st with nine first finishes, Rob H. 2nd with three firsts, Dan M. 3rd with one first, and John E. 4th with two firsts.

Sunday, August 23, 2105.  Fun Sail day.  Nine V-32s sailed in perfect wind and decent temperatures.  The winds were about 5 to 10 mph all afternoon, with a few periods of zero wind, but no threat of rain.  Temperature was mid 80s, but the humidity must have been low since it was very comfortable.  We raced some long courses including a wagon wheel. Two boats got hooked together out by the yellow mark.  The tugboat helped them back to shore even though they would have eventually got there anyway.  Then the mast fell off one of the boats after it was free, so the tugboat pushed that one back to shore.  Another boat ran aground because the skipper was helping retrieve the other boats, so the tugboat pushed that one off the mud.

Sunday, August 16, 2015.  SCORED Sailing CANCELLED due to predicted low winds. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015. 2015 AMYA V-32 National Championship Regatta held at Delco Park, Kettering, OH. Twelve boats competed.  See Results.

Friday, August 14, 2015.  Five V-32 skippers were at Delco Park this afternoon and practiced for the V-32 NCR tomorrow.  Wind was light and lighter at times, but we had few long periods of 5 to 6 mph winds as well. Mike Wyatt visited us, and will be the Race Director in tomorrow's regatta.  No threat of rain and the temperature was in the low to mid 80s.  A very nice time.

Sunday, August 9, 2015 We sailed our FUN DAY today.  Eight V-32s sailed today and there was a S1M mixed in the bunch as well.  Initially, the wind was very light or non-existent, but we stayed at the pond and floated around until we got a few breezes. Some wind did come up, but probably no more than 3 or 4 miles per hour. There was a very light rain drizzle for a short time, which we just ignored.  We sailed some short courses, as well as a few longer courses, and had a good time.  First time event at Delco Pond was a tugboat rescue of a V-32 whose rudder was not responding. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015. Nine V-32s raced on the first SCORED DAY of the summer season. One guest sailed with us today.  Welcome Jerry, hope you sail with us often.  The weather was much better than the last few weeks. Very nice 10 mph winds with a few gusts to maybe 13 mph. The wind was not steady in velocity or direction, but shifty wind is nothing new.  It was 84 degrees, with clear skies….no rain for a change.  It was fun to race with so many boats.  We raced 16 long-course races in less than 2 hours.  One tugboat also ran in the pond and did a few practice “rescues.”  With the wind as strong as it was, the tugboat had trouble catching the sailboats.  Club Racing Results:  Rob First for the day with 7 firsts, Ralph Second with 5 firsts, Dan Third with 2 firsts, and John Fourth with 1 first.  Steve also had a First Place.

Sunday, July 26, 2015.  Last SCORED DAY of the Spring season.  After several cancelled sail days, we finally sailed some scored races.  Ten V-32s were at the pond, and we raced short courses because the wind was very light. The weather forecast said 7 to 40% chance of rain, and about 3:30 pm the western part of the sky grew dark and we heard thunder. We retreated to our cars, and thought we could wait it out.  No luck, the rain came light and heavy and about 4:15 everyone went home. We raced only six races. Results:  Ralph First, Rob Second, John Third, and Bill K. Fourth.

Sunday, July 19, 2015.  Fun Day changed to Scored Day, CANCELLED.  Sudden, unpredicted weather change required a last minute Email to cancel the race day. Some skippers showed up at the pond who did not recieve the late email.  We waited for the storm to clear, and waited for the wind to come back.  John E. wanted to sail and tune his newly built V-32, so four boats Fun-sailed until another threatening cloud chased us away with light rain only 40 minutes later.

Sunday, July 12, 2015.  Scored Day CANCELLED due to forecast thunderstorms. Bad forecast! We had no thunderstorms, but it was almost dead calm all afternoon.  Propose changing July 19 Fun Day to Scored Day.

Sunday, July 5, 2015.  Fun Sail Day!  But isn't every day we sail a fun day?  Four V-32s practice raced in low wind conditions. Wind may have been up to 5 mph at times, and at times it was zero.  When the wind was light, we raced a very short course, when it was stronger we raced around the further marks.  It was a good time of relaxed sailing.

Sunday, June 28, 2105. SCORED DAY.  Eight V-32s were at the pond but only seven sailed today on our fourth Scored Day of the Spring Season.  One boat had a leak and had to bail out. The temperature was in the mid-70s under a partly cloudy sky.  Wind was about 12 to 13 mph when we got there, but by 2:30 pm had gone down to 10 mph with a few strong gusty periods.  The wind continued to die down all afternoon, and by 4:30 pm we had almost none. It was a very good day to be out sailing.  We completed 14 races. Results:  Russ 1st with six firsts, Rob 2nd with one first, Bill K. 3rd with four firsts, and Ralph 4th with one first.  Mark also had a first place, and Jose finished the final race with the other first place.

Sunday, June 21, 2015. Fun Day Cancelled due to predicted high wind and thunderstorms.  Residue of Tropical Storm Bill.

Sunday, June 14, 2015. SCORED DAY CANCELLED due to high wind. We sailed instead on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

Saturday, June 13, 2015.  FUN DAY. Alternate sail day called early in the morning. We had Six V-32s at the pond, but only 5 skippers.  The weather was perfect.  Nice wind about 4 to 10 mph.  Lots of challenging gusts and wind shifts.  About 3:00 one cloud sprinkled a very small spatter of wet stuff on us, but it was more refreshing than troublesome.  We ran a long course all afternoon since the wind was mostly in the 6 to 10 mph range.  Only a few short lulls were seen.  It was 90 degrees so we moved our chairs under the shade tree by the bench for the last hour.  It was a very good time of sailing and laughing.  One guy sat down on the bench behind us and said, "You guys look like you are having way too much fun." Well, we were having fun, but never too much. Dave brought out his Dragon Force boat.  Impressive speed!

Sunday, June 7, 2015.  FUN DAY. Cancelled due to high wind.

Sunday, May 31, 2015.  SCORE DAY.  Seven V-32s arrived at the pond to sail in 68 degree temperatures with winds of 5 to 17 mph. One boat was accidentally damaged before it got out of the car, so that boat did not sail. As the forecast predicted, the wind dropped to 8 to 12 mph about 3 pm, with only a few gusts of 14 mph, so we started racing about 3:15 pm.  The gusts often pushed boats to the wrong side of the mark, and into each other.  By 4 pm the winds had dropped to a very nice 6 to 9 mph. We raced ten races. Results: Rob H. First with 4 firsts, Ralph Second with 5 firsts, Jose Third with 1 first, and Bill K. was Fourth. After ten races the first and second place points differed by only one point, and the third and fourth places were tied.  Jose’s first place finish broke the tie.  It was a good day to sail.

Sunday, May 24, 2015.  SCORED DAY.  This holiday weekend was changed from a Fun day to a Scored day by a vote of the members.  Eight V-32s sailed in 82 degree weather.  The wind was shifty, ranging from about 3 mph to gusts of 12 or 14 mph, but mostly about 6 to 10 mph.  This was a great day to sail.  Welcome back, Russ! Sixteen races were completed, but many had not raced every race, so only three skippers had two throw out scores.  Today’s Results: Rob H. 1st with 3 first places, Ralph 2nd with 5 first places, Bill K. 3rd with 4 first places, and Russ 4th with 3 first places.

Sunday, May 17, 2015.  FUN DAY. Because the weather forecast was so poor, this Scored day was changed to a fun day.  Six V-32s sailed practice races. We were chased off the pond twice by passing rain showers, but only for several minutes.  The wind was from the south at 5 to12 mph with a few higher gusts.  One V-32 suffered a serious smoke problem caused by melting wires which appears to be due to a jammed sail servo. (See Photos) We will try to race the following two weeks as Scored events to make up for the many lost scored days.

Sunday, May 10, 2015.  Fun day sailing CANCELLED due to high wind forecast.

Sunday, May 3, 2015.  SCORED  DAY—first of the season.  Seven skippers sailed 16 races in perfect weather.  Winds were 4 to 9 mph with a few gusts to approximately 14 mph, and the temperature was 79 degrees under partly cloudy skies.  We had two boats locked together two, maybe three times, and Mark’s mast fell off—but no damage. Results: Bill K. 1st with eight firsts, Ralph 2nd with four firsts, Rob 3rd with 3 firsts, and  Mark 4th with one 1st. Great sailing Bill! This was a beautiful day to sail!

Sunday. April 26, 2015. Fun sail day CANCELLED due to high wind.

Sunday. April 19, 2015. SCORED sailing CANCELLED due to rain and wind.

Saturday. April 18, 2015. Fun sail day. Since the Sunday forecast was so bad and Scored Sailing was cancelled, we coordinated a Saturday FUN sail day by Email. Six V-32s sailed this afternoon in light easterly winds, with a few periods of calm. The temperature was 78 degrees. It was a very nice day to sail, and we all had a good time.  Bill K. sailed with us for the first time with a boat he bought in Florida.  Nice to have you join us, Bill.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015. The Kettering Park staff placed the permanent marks on the pond with the help of Bill B. and Ralph K.  We are ready for racing!

Sunday. April 12, 2015. Fun sail day.  Six V-32s sailed in perfect weather. Temperature was 72 degrees, sunny, and winds were light to about 7 mph. We had a few times when the wind stopped, but not for long.  If you weren't there, you missed a great day! Welcome to Bill, who stopped by and sailed one of our V-32s.  Hope to see you again soon.

Friday, February 27, 2015, 6:30 pm.  Club meeting at MCL Cafeteria, 4485 Far Hills Ave, Kettering, OH. During this meeting we approved the 2015 V-32 sailing schedule.  We voted to host the 2015 AMYA V-32 NCR on Aug 15, 2015 at Delco Park.  Steve P. is the Regatta Race Committee Chairman.  We also voted to include only club members' positions in the Scored Day racing results.  Visitors are always welcome to sail with us and have their finishing positions entered in the score sheet at the pond. However, their scores will not be included in the daily or seasonal tallies and club competitors' scores will be adjusted up to fill the gaps.

~~~~~~~ 2014 ~~~~~~

Sunday, November 2, 2014.  No sailing today with the temperature about 47 degrees. If we get a nice Sunday in November, we can still sail...keep watching your emails.

Saturday, November 1, 2014. The end of season meeting was held at noon at the MCL Cafeteria.  Six KMSC members attended. We had a joint meeting with the MVMYC so there were about a 17 skippers present.  Certificates were awarded to the four top V-32 skippers for the spring and summer series--at least to those who were there.  No significant decisions were made. A new sailing shedule for 2015 will be posted before the season starts next spring. We should schedule a meeting in early in 2015, if we plan to hold a regatta next summer.

Sunday, October 26, 2014.  Last fun sail day scheduled for 2014.  Seven V-32s sailed a good quantity of practice races.  The weather was nice in the mid to high 60s, with good wind about 6 to 8 mph from the west and southwest.  Marks should be taken out by the end of the month. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014.  Last SCORED DAY of the year.  Six V-32 skippers met at the pond to race today in mid-50 degree temperatures, and winds of 2 to 6 mph.  One boat had two cracks in the hull near the back of keel and took on water, so it was unable to compete.   We had winds that mostly came from the west, but often switched around as much as 180 degrees, but only for a minute or two.  We raced the same course all day…directly west.  Because the wind was light and the sun was bright, we were comfortable in the cool temperatures.  After 12 races, Ralph and Rob were tied for first place, but Ralph had more first place finishes so the results are:  Ralph First (5 first finishes), Rob Second (3 first finishes), Steve Third (4 first finishes), Bill Fourth.  Next week is our last race day with permanent is a Fun Sail day.

Sunday, Oct 12, 2014.  SCORED DAY.  After three cancelled sail days in a row, eight V-32s sailed today in very nice mid-sixties temperatures.  This was the first Scored Day since September 7.  The wind was about 5 to 8 mph with only a few times when the wind practically died.  This was during the last few races of the day when the sun came out and warmed our backs.  We sailed 15 races. A few skippers came late and/or left early so some did not sail every race.  One boat dropped out for one race to change a burned out sail servo.  Results:  Russ 1st (six firsts), Rob 2nd (five firsts); Ralph 3rd (three firsts); Dan 4th (one first).

Sunday, October 5, 2104. SCORED DAY CANCELLED due to 15 mph winds.

Sunday, Sept 28, 2104. Fun Sail Day Cancelled due to winds less than 3 mph.

Sunday, Sept 21, 2104. SCORED DAY CANCELLED due to 16 mph winds.

Sunday, Sept 14, 2104. Fun sail day.  Five V-32s sailed in very light wind. There was enough wind at times to run a race, but it was mostly too light for sailing. Not much of the 3 to 4 mph winds that were forecast.  Ran several short course practice races and had a good time.

Sunday, September 7, 2014. SCORED DAY. Eight V-32s raced in very nice 78 degree weather with winds from 3 to 5 mph, but with several dead air moments.  The wind was out of the east, mostly, but we also saw it change to north, and southeast a few times.  We sailed from the east shore because there were fishermen (or fisherboys) on the south shore.  Almost all our starts were broad reaches, but we managed to get a good beat on the last leg, which many times affected the final finish positions.  Russ and Rob dominated the first place finishes—Rob had seven, Russ had four, Ralph had one and Mark had one.  Results:   Rob first, Russ second, Ralph third and Dan fourth. What a great sailing day.  We had several interested, potential skippers stop by.

Sunday, Aug 31, 2104. Fun sail day cancelled due to thunderstorm forecast.

Sunday, Aug 24, 2104. SCORED DAY. Five V-32s raced in light east winds of about 2 to 5 mphThe temperature was about 87 degrees, but the partly cloudy skies gave some relief. We set up on the south side of the pond and completed 13 races.  It was a good day to sail. We kept the course short when the wind was light and added another mark when there were significant ripples on the water.  David and Ralph took all but three of the first and second positions, and Dan took the rest. Results for the day:  David and Ralph tied for first place with 19 points each, but David had six firsts and Ralph had only five so David takes first place, and Ralph is second. Dan took third with the other two first places, and Bill was fourth.

Sunday, August 17, 2014.  Four V-32s raced in 4 to 6 mph winds. Most KMSC skippers had participated in the NCR on August 16, and could not sail today. Weather was in the low 80s with overcast skies.  We practice raced using the rabbit start. Another great day of sailing.

Saturday, August 16, 2014. The 2014 AMYA V-32 National Championship Regatta was held at Delco Park in Kettering, OH. See Results.

Friday, August 15, 2014.  Six V-32s ran a number of practice races to tune our boats to prepare for the 2014 AMYA V-32 National Championship Regatta tomorrow--right here in Kettering.  Weather was good, 3 to 5 mph winds and mid 70s temperatures.

Sunday, August 10, 2014.  Eight V-32s raced on this first SCORED DAY of the Summer Season.  The wind was perfect, about 4 to 9 mph all day. Nice, comfortable 84 degrees with partly cloudy skies.  Competition was good, but clean—a number of penalty turns were taken with no grumbling.  Many skippers were practicing for the AMYA V-32 National Championships on Aug 16. There were a lot of good starts with almost everyone at the line on time.  Jerry C. was a guest skipper, and we hope he sails with us more often. We used a very wide start line so it was not necessary to crowd one end, but we did anyway when the wind called for it.  Fourteen races were completed in two hours, and no one missed a race.  The day’s top finishers were:  Jerry 1st with eight first place finishes, Rob 2nd with four first place finishes, Ralph 3rd with two first place finishes, and Jose was 4th. Bill P. was also at the pond with his pretty little T-37 which sailed very nice with the added backstay.

Sunday, August 3, 2014.  FUN SAIL DAY!  Seven boats sailed in winds that varied from 1 to 8 mph. We sailed practice racing around a short course when the wind was light and a longer course when the wind was good.  The weather was very comfortable, about 80 degrees with variable overcast. It was probably the changing clouds that kept the wind wandering around from all directions, but mostly from the north.  We did a little team sailing, maybe three or four races…not sure if Dave will compile them.  In any case, it was good day to see the bright-colored v-32s sailing, and visit with our friends.  It was nice to see Dale , Bill B. and Bill P. at the pond again after a long absence.  Next week is the first SCORED sail day of the summer season.

Sunday, July 29, 2014.  SCORED DAY CANCELLED due to high wind and threatening thunderstorms.

Sunday, July 20, 2014.  SCORED Sail Day.  This fun day was changed to a scored day because of last week’s cancellation. Seven V-32s raced in very light wind.  We did not see the forecasted 4 to 5 mph winds.  Only three scored races were run because of long lulls in the wind.  We sailed a number of drifters as practice races, then squeezed in three races when the wind was more than 2 mph. One boat had a sail servo failure in the second race and was done for the day.  If you like glassy, calm ponds, this was the day for it. Dan took first place with two first finishes, Rob took second and Ralph took third.

Sunday, July 13, 2014. SCORED DAY CANCELLED due to high wind and thunderstorms.

Sunday, July 6, 2014. A FUN Sail day. Six V-32s practice raced with overcast skies in 83 degree temperatures.  Although the sky was dark in some patchy areas, we did not get rain. Wind was 7 to 12 mph from the south with a few higher gusts.  We raced as two teams...selection of teams was by a single seeding race.  We all had a good time sailing, and followed up with ice cream at 4:45. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014. SCORED SAIL DAY. It was fun, great conditions. We only had four skippers, but two spectators showed a lot of interest. We decided to keep racing after 16 races as we still had time and to make up for some missed races—we scored 19 races. Wind was light at the start, but soon increased to a level that made this a good sail day.  No thunderstorms were seen.  David took first with seven first place finishes, Jose took second with five firsts, and Dave took third with three firsts.

Sunday, June 22, 2014.  A good day of sailing.  Six skippers sailed an uncounted quantity of practice races in 82 degree temperatures--we did not keep track of the winners, either.  The starts were run as "rabbit starts"--that's where the last boat over the line gets to start the next race by crossing the start line first.  The winds were light around 3 to 4 mph, with a few good gusts, but quite a few lulls as well.  Wind direction varied as usual, so skipper skill in recognizing a good puff was often critical in getting or keeping the lead.  We packed up and went home at 4:15 when the sky started to blacken and we heard a far-off thunder rumble.

Sunday, June 15, 2014.  SCORED SAIL DAY.  A good sail day.  Six V-32s raced in 84 degree temperatures with partly cloudy skies, and winds from 7 to 10 mph.  The wind was generally good with only a few momentary lulls, so we completed 16 races in 2 hours.  However, wind was extremely shifty, sometimes changing directions of 40 or more degrees in less than 30 seconds.  The favored end of the start line often changed during the countdown and more than once a boat that appeared to be at the wrong end had the best start when the bell rang.  Ralph took first place with nine first places, Rob second with four first places, and Dave took third with one first place.  Jose and Mark each took one first place.

Sunday, June 8, 2014. Practice day. Sailing CANCELLED due to 14 to 16 mph winds and high chance of rain.

Sunday, June 1, 2014. SCORED DAY.  Eight V-32s sailed on our second scored race day of the Spring Season.   Weather was about 88 degrees in clear skies with mostly south winds from 2 to 12 mph. The wind direction was changing wildly, it even did a 180 in the middle of one race.  Choosing the best end of the start line was quite a feat since the wind direction could change about 40 degrees in as little as 15 seconds. After sailing 13 races, Rob took the day with seven 1sts.  Ralph was 2nd with three firsts, and Mark was 3rd with three firsts.

Sunday, May 25, 2014. Fun Sail Day.  Six V-32s sailed today at Delco Park.  Weather was 82 degrees under clear skies. Winds were around 4 mph with short gusts of stronger winds. There were quite a few zero wind lulls, but overall it was a good day to sail.  We sailed team races. Teams were established with a seeding race, having two boats per team and three boats starting at -15 seconds. It was an interesting change from our normal race days.  Results sent out by email.

Sunday, May 18, 2014. SCORED DAY.  Seven V-32s sailed in light winds which were zero to almost 5 mph, and temperature was 64 degrees. With bright sun between a few scattered clouds it was quite comfortable. Winds were very shifty--as much as a 180 degree direction change in 10 minutes. We sailed some short courses when the wind was light. The last race at 4:20 took a long time because the wind was low when we started and got worse—like zero!  Dave had some control problems with a disobedient rudder.  It was a nice day, most everyone seemed to have good time. The first three places: Ralph 1st, Jose 2nd, and Mark 3rd.

Sunday, May 11, 2014. Fun Sail day. Six V-32s sailed in some high winds of 10 to 12 mph with some higher gusts. The boats were tossed around a bit, but came through okay.  A good number of practice races were sailed, even the long courses went pretty fast.

Sunday, May 4, 2014. Revised Scored Day, CANCELLED due to high winds of 13 to 15 mph.

Sunday, April 27, 2014. First scheduled Scored Day of 2014, CANCELLED due to 14 mph winds with gusts to 20 mph.  Postpone Scored day to May 4.

Sunday, April 20, 2014. Practice Day. Only two V-32s sailed today.  Dan and Ralph had a great time practicing starts in short races, and fine tuning their boats by comparing settings and speed.  The weather was perfect. Very comfortable 74 degrees.  Most of the time the wind was about 4 to 6 mph, but there were short periods when it was calm and just a few times it was gusty to about 15 mph.

Sunday, April 13, 2014. Practice Day. Cancelled due to winds of 19 to 23 mph and gusts to 27 mph.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014. The Kettering Park Staff installed the markers on the pond. Thank you for your hard work and patience in helping us set up the course. The wind was about 8 to 10 mph and the temperature was 58 degrees.  We are ready for Sunday racing.

Sunday, April 6, 2014. Practice Day.  Six V-32s sailed on this first scheduled sail day. We practice raced around three throw-out marks.  What a great time!  Wind was 6 to 12 mph, with a few hard gusts.  It was so good to get out to the pond sailing...been waiting all winter for this. Regular marks should be placed in the pond this week.


~~~~~~~ 2013 ~~~~~~

Nov 23, 2013, Saturday, 4:00 pm.  KMSC V-32 Awards dinner was held at the MCL Cafeteria, 4485 Far Hills Avenue, Kettering, OH.  Awards for the Spring and Summer Sailing Sessions were presented to those who were present.  Dave E. had prepared some very nice framed plaques with a photo of the owner's boat for the first three places in each season.  Spring:  1st Russel H., 2nd Rob H., 3rd Ralph K.     Summer: 1st Ralph K., 2nd Rob H., 3rd Dan M.  The 2014 V-32 AMYA National Competition Regatta will be held at Delco Park, in Kettering, OH in August 2014.  Final plans are being made and the NOR and registration form will be posted soon on this site.

Nov 1, 2013. Marks were removed from the pond.  Scheduled sailing is done for the year. If good weather is forecast we my try to notify all skippers for a fun sail on a Sunday afternoon. 

October 27, 2013.  Last Scored Race day of the year and last sail day of 2013.  Ten Skippers came to the pond in very nice sailing weather, although a bit cool. Temperature was 53, but the sun was bright so it was comfortable—if you had a few layers of warm clothing. Wind was 3 to 5 mph, except for a few times when the wind went to zero. There was not enough wind to make waves so it was a terrific sailing day. Before we started racing, one skipper had a family emergency and had to leave, so we sailed with nine boats.  The starting line must have been aligned right since the wind varied enough to change the favored end--even during the count down.  We changed the course a few times when the wind was coming from the west, but that was short lived.  Results for the day:  Ralph 1st, Rob 2nd, Dan 3rd, David 4th.

October 20, 2013. Fun Practice day. Cancelled due to high wind.

October 13, 2013. Scored day. Eight V-32s raced in perfect weather.  Temperature was about 77, wind was 3 to 8 mph, with only a few lulls, under partly cloudy skies.  We sailed two courses, one for when the wind was from the west and the other when the wind was from the north.  We managed to get 17 races in by 4:20 pm.  Ralph took 8 firsts, Rob took 6 firsts, Dan took two firsts and Dave took one first.  Today’s result:  Ralph 1st, Rob 2nd, Dan 3rd, Jose 4th.

October 6, 2013. Fun Day sailing cancelled due to rain.

September 29, 2013. Scored day cancelled due to intermittent rain.

September 28, 2013. V-32 National Championship Regatta, Des Moines, IA.  3rd place: Rob Hill, Cincinnati, OH, KMSC member. Congratulations, Rob. More results posted in the AMYA Regatta History section.

September 22, 2013. Four V-32s sailed in nice winds and fair weather.  A good day to be out.

September 15, 2013. Scored Day due to Sep 8 cancellation. Seven V-32s were at the pond today. Bill brought a newly built V-32 and does it look great!  Good job building and decorating that boat and sails.  His boat is really fast.  Unfortunately, there was a collision during the preliminary practice races and the mast on his boat broke at the joint.  Hope to see you back sailing with us next week, Bill.  Six V-32s sailed in beautiful weather, nice mid-70s temperatures, and the wind hardly ever stopped except in the southeast corner of the pond.  Winds were 2 to 5 mph with a few gusts that may have been as high as 10 mph—or more.  The winds were very shifty, but that made it interesting.  We ran 16 races with one throw out for each 8 races.  Rob took 1st with eight first places. Ralph 2nd, Dan 3rd, Mark 4th.

September 8, 2013. Scored day cancelled due to low wind.  Eight skippers sailed a number of short, slow races for practice in very light winds. Although the forecast said it would be 7 mph or more, and there was good wind at 1:00 pm, the wind died about 2:30 and never returned except as sparse and intermittent gusts.  We will sail a scored day next week on Sun, Sept 15.

 September 1, 2013. Fun day. The weather was very nice today for sailing.  Wind was about 3 to 5 mph, with a few dead spots.  There were some spotty, swirly winds that affected boats very differently even though they may have been only 20 feet apart.  Temperature was about 85 under mostly cloudy skies, and no rain.  Three V-32s sailed a good number of practice races after we had a tune-up session where we compared and discussed tuning methods. Bill had some trouble with his boat being a bit erratic, and we found that the rudder post was loose in the rudder body, so it would reset the trim in unexpected ways.  We had a good time, but missed the rest of our buddies. There are still a few skippers who are out of town on extended trips.  Hope to see more boats out next week.

August 25, 2013. Scored Day. We had a great time racing today.  Four V-32 skippers raced 16 times in 87 degree weather. I know of three regular skippers who were on vacation or out of town, so attendance was less than usual. The humidity was low so it was not too uncomfortable.  The wind ranged from zero to about six mph.  We had to hold the start a few times to wait for some wind, but overall, it was a very nice sail day.  The wind often changed direction and a few times as much as 180 degrees in less than five minutes. Results:  Ralph 1st, Rob 2nd, Steve 3rd, Bill 4th. Next Sunday is a fun sail day because it is Labor Day weekend.

 August 18, 2013. Great day of  fun sailing. Winds were 3 to 6 mph with a few short lulls. Temperature was 81 under partly cloudy skies. We had four V-32s, one Stars and Stripes, and one T-27 sailboat. Bill's T-27 is all wood, 27 inches long, and a good sailing boat.  One of the V-32s  was damaged taking it out of the car, so three V-32s sailed a good number of fun races.

August 11, 2013.  First Scored day of Summer Season.  Seven V-32s sailed in great weather.  Temperature was 81 degrees, winds were 4 to 8 mph with many tricky wind direction changes and a few gusts to approximately 12 mph.  During one tack, two boats were about to reach the far mark, and in the distance of 50 feet, they both smoothly changed course by 90 degrees and were closed-hauled on a port tack the entire time.  This was a very good day of sailing with strong winds which enabled us to sail a nice long course to the far yellow mark.  Sixteen races were completed in two hours, so two throw outs were allowed for five skippers who sailed in all the races.  Result:  Ralph 1st, Rob 2nd, David 3rd, and Gary 4th.

August 4, 2013. Fun Sail day. There were six boats and skippers at the pond this afternoon.  Wind was changeable as always, 8 to 12 mph with a few gusts to 14 mph. The temperature was mid 70s, with a few clouds.  We raced about a dozen fun races, and because of the good wind, even went way out to the far yellow mark.  Everyone had a good time. 

NOTICE:  Due to some requests, skippers who walk the shoreline are asked to politely walk behind those who remain seated.  It is okay to stand up at your chair, but please do not walk forward to the shore and stand, you are blocking the view for those who are seated.  Thank you for your consideration.

July 28, 2013. Scored Day postponed from 7-21-13. Ten boats sailed on this last scored race day for the Spring Season.What a great day for sailing—maybe the best day this year. Temperature was about 72 with partly sunny skies.  Wind was 8 to 12 mph with a few gusts even higher from the southwest.  We were able to set up a good first leg that required some smart tacking to get to the upwind mark first.  The wind was constantly blowing gusts from various directions which made it very interesting.  Just the right wind for V-32s, and not enough to make waves on the pond big enough for us to notice. Results for Today:   Ralph 1st, Russ 2nd, Rob 3rd, Dan 4th.

 Spring Season Results:  Russ 1st, Rob 2nd, Ralph 3rd, and Dan 4th

July 21, 2013. Eleven skippers were at the pond on Sunday, July 21.  Although this was a scheduled Scored day, the weather failed to cooperate with the forecast; the wind was less than 3 mph, so we cancelled the scoring. However, we did sail for 2 1/2 hours is very light wind, measured at less than 3 mph.  During the last hour or so the wind got a little stronger...maybe 3-1/2 mph?  One boat was new and not fully rigged for sailing.  Mark spent most of the afternoon helping getting the new boat ready, so nine boats were on the pond. Thanks Mark!  We ran some team racing.  Nine races were completed in some very low wind conditions, so the course was usually pretty short, but it was fun.  Rob/Russ/Jose 1st, Ralph/DaveE/Bill 2nd, and Dan/DavidK/Steve took 3rd. The scores do not count toward the Scored Day totals.

July 14, 2013. Six V-32 skippers were at the pond for this non-scored day. It was hot, but not impossible, maybe in the mid-80s. This was a good day to sail. Winds were about 4 to 6 mph with almost no lulls.  After several practive races, Dave E. led a fun team racing event with nine races.  We had a seed race, and based on those finishes, broke into two teams.  Starting times for boat pairs were staggered with starts at -20 sec, -10 sec, and the bell.  This eliminated the crowding at the start, and gave the last place finishing boats a good head start. It is interesting that we often found it difficult to start at -20 and -10 seconds.  The timing is all off, and sometimes the early start boats failed to take advantage of the head start by crossing the line at the right time. Overall, this was a very interesting way to sail.

July 7, 2013. Scored Day. Eight skippers were at the pond, but one newly purchased boat was not yet ready to sail, so seven V-32s sailed 12 races. The weather was very nice. Light winds....several times we all stood still for lack of wind, but it did not last long.  The temperature was about 80 degrees. When we started the sky was overcast, but by the time we quit at 4:40 pm, there were many blue patches between fluffy clouds.  I want to thank the guys who sailed today for being polite, taking 360s when called, and properly yielding when required--well, most of the time. No one raised their voices....certainly a good way to race.  In today's races, Ralph was first, Russ second and David third.  Russ came back to defend his leading position, which was in danger because he had not sailed 50% of the races as of the last scored day.  Now Russ is leading the pack for the season. 

We want to welcome Bill and Jack who recently joined our sailing club.  Their V-32s will soon be in the water and sailing with us.  Jack sailed a boat with us today that is not a V-32. Nice boat!

June 30, 2013. Five skippers sailed V-32s at Delco Park today for fun and practice. The weather was very nice, but a bit more wind would have been appreciated. We sailed about 8 practice races and had a good time. The forecast thunderstorms never did happen at the park. We quit about 4 pm because there were two storms moving in from Hamilton and Tip city. They never did arrive, but the wind really got strong,--no rain, no thunder.

June 23, 2013. Scored Day. Eight skippers were at the pond to sail.  One boat had some trouble, so the other seven skippers sailed 16 races in some pretty strong wind.  That allowed two throw-outs for those who were able to race every time. The temperature was hot, but so was the speed of the boats. Season standings: Rob is in first place, Ralph Second, Dan third, and Jose fourth.

June 16, 2013.
Sailing today is CANCELLED due to thunderstorms. The weather has changed for the worse. They predict thunderstorms all day (60% probability) until late afternoon. Radar shows a large number of storms coming in.

June 9, 2013. Scored Day. Seven skippers raced at Delco pond in good wind.  The direction of the wind varied a lot, but we did not have any significant lulls. Temperature was nice, and the sky was partly cloudy.  We raced 15 times.  Russ took first, Rob Second, and Ralph third, and Dan was only 4 points behind with a fourth.  It was a very good day of sailing. See you next week.

June 2, 2013. Okay, where was everybody?  One skipper sailed alone, but had a good visit with Dale.  You all missed a great day of sailing.  Perfect wind, perfect temperature and mostly cloudy.

May 26, 2013. Sailing was cancelled due to lack of wind.

May 19, 2013. Scored Day. Seven V-32s sailed today.  The wind was very light, many periods of dead calm, but a few good gusts as well. Although we sailed a short course, we were only able to complete nine races. Temperature was near 80 and the sun was hot! It was a good time, well worth the time by the pond with a bunch of good sailors.

May 12, 2013. Sailing cancelled due to 14 to 16 mph winds.

May 5, 2013. Scored Day. Sailing is canceled today at the last minute! There is NO parking available at the pond today because of a running event!!! In addition there are intermittent light rain showers.  The three skippers that came to the pond retired to Dairy Queen and we talked about all the other skippers who did not come. 

April 28, 2013. Sailing CANCELLED due to rain.  The forecast says 90% chance of rain all day....well except in the morning when the probability is 100%. 

April 21, 2013. Scored Day. We had a great sailing day!  The wind was about 10 or 11 mph when we started, but settled down to about 6-8 mph with a few good gusts. Temperature could have been warmer, but the sun was out so it was pretty good. Wind was out of the east, mostly, so we camped out on the south shore. Nine skippers sailed in 15 scored races.  That is a very good turnout for our first score day.  Thank you all for coming out.   

KMSC welcomes Rick who sailed a very nicely decorated V-32 with us for the first time.  Rick did very well until he had some servo problems and sat out most of the races as our scorekeeper. Thank you Rick!  We look forward see  you sailing with every week.  First four places were:  Russ 1st, Ralph 2nd, Dan 3rd, and Rob 4th.

April 14, 2013.  Today was a fantastic day for sailing. The wind was about 4 to 8 mph all afternoon with only a few lulls.  Wind came out of the Southeast--pretty consistent. The temperature was very nice, in the low 70s. Six V-32s sailed on perfect water--no waves.  We ran practice races all afternoon with the speaker/starter. Everyone had a good time. For those of you who could not come, you missed a great sailing day. Hope we have good weather again next week. Dave and Dan had new sails--very nice and noticeably faster! It was nice to see Phillip sailing with us again.  Hope to see you more this year. Those lime green sails are really eye catching!

April 7, 2013.  First sail day of the season was cancelled due to 20 to 25 mph winds.

~~~~~~~ 2012 ~~~~~~

Nov 18, 2012. Five V-32 boats sailed this afternoon.  Weather was about 55 degrees with light winds maybe up to 5 mph.  Since the sun was out in clear skies, it was pretty comfortable if you had warm clothes.  Some skippers needed gloves. We raced using three throw out marks.  One of our regular skippers visited us without a boat.  John and Audrey visited and sailed two of our boats in a few races.  I hope we see them again on one of our sail days. It was a very nice day of gentle sailing on calm water.

Nov 11, 2012. No sailing due to high winds.

Nov 9, 2012. The course marks were removed from the Delco Park pond today. Only one will need replacing because it is deteriorated.  We can still sail on the pond, but we will need to use the throw out markers. Expect emails to see who wants to GO SAIL when there are nice days on the weekend .

Oct 28, 2012, Sunday. Scored day cancelled due to high wind.

Oct 21, 2012, Sunday. Fun Day. Four V-32s raced for fun in near perfect conditions. Wind was a nice 5 to 7 mph, temperature in the mid 60s and a nice warm sun that make me sorry I wore an extra sweatshirt. We ran practice races one after another and the wind allowed us to use all the outside marks. Even the green mark in the corner was okay since the wind was from the South and East.  It was still tricky at that mark.

Oct 14, 2012, Sunday. Scored day cancelled due to rain and high winds.

Oct 7, 2012, Sunday. Fun Day! Four skippers were at the Delco Park pond on Oct 7, but only three brought boats.
Temperature was barely 50 degrees and no rain.  When the sun came out it was decent, but then it clouded up and and the temperature dropped.  Wind was nice about 4 to 6 mph, and very difficult at the green mark since the wind was coming from the SW through the trees and gazebo. We sailed about 10 practice races and quit around 4 pm because of the cool temperatures.  It was fun if you wore warm clothing and gloves.

Sept 30, 2012, Sunday. Scored Day. Five V-32s raced on this scored day at Delco Park on Sept 30.  Even though the fleet was small, there was no lack of competition and challenge. Wind was good and temperatures were very comfortable.  Fourteen races were scored. Rob, Mark, and Jose capured 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Good job, guys!

Sept 23, 2012, Sunday. Fun Day! Seven skippers sailed today in low to mid 60s temperatures.  Wind was pretty strong...probably 8 to 12 mph with a few gusts up to 14 mph. This was a great sailing day, and lots of fun. The boats were really fast in that wind!  Thanks to all for coming out. Eric joined us today after a long absence. However, in the first half hour the keel on his boat broke off and was lost at the bottom of the pond.  It looked like it broke off from being water soaked. V-32 keels that are not permanently mounted need to be dried and resealed about twice a year.  Even permanently mounted keels may absorb water if not fully sealed.

We sailed a few practice races, and then for fun, tried team racing with two, three-skipper teams.  The race started with the first two boats crossing the starting line at minus 40 seconds, the second pair at minus 20 seconds and the last pair at the bell. Each pair consisted of one skipper from each team. This was a fun way to sail because you needed to be aware of who was on your team, and help or tactically hinder the nearby boats such as their team affiliation demanded. 

The result as a tie between the two teams.  Using the normal sailing score tie breaker process, the David-Dave-John team won because their team had six first places and the other team had only four first places. Congratulations David, Dave, and John.

We quit about 4:15 because the wind was getting stronger and some skippers needed to leave. 

Sept 16, 2012, Sunday. Scored Day. Seven skippers sailed today in very light wind conditions.  Mark only sailed one race due to servo problems, and he was unable to finish that race. We only sailed 7 races, and were delayed many times due to no wind. However, the weather was nice, about 80 degrees with perfectly clear skies.  It was a nice day to be out at the pond.  Rob and Ralph tied for first with 14 points. Both had three 1st places; Rob had three 2nd places and Ralph had two, so Rob takes first today.  David took third place. The water in the pond is very low, probably the lowest it has ever been.

Sept 9, 2012, Sunday. Practice day. What a perfect day for sailing!  Temperature was in the mid 70s. The winds were about 3 to 5 mph, never reaching the predicted 8 to 10 mph. Six V-32 skippers participated in a lot of fun races, some of which took a bit more time than we had hoped for, and some that had good wind. We did a few rabbit starts for fun.  About 4:15 the wind died, so we quit.

Sept 2, 2012, Sunday. No sailing on this day. One V-32 skipper visited the pond and reported very light rain from 1:45 until 2:30pm. The water looked lower than last week.

Aug 26, 2012, Sunday. Scored Day. This was a great sailing day for eight V-32 skippers . Temperature was near 90, but not humid. No rain. Wind started very light, but by 3 pm or so it was better, and still a few no-wind periods.  There were lots of swirlies...places where there was a no-wind hole while someone about 60 feet away had good wind. We ran a lot of short races due to light wind, and managed to sail 15 races. Mark had trouble with his rudder servo and was not able to sail every race. Everybody had a good time.  The rest of you missed a great sailing day. Six out of eight skippers had at least one first place. Top four finishers:  Rob 1st, David 2nd, Ralph 3rd, and Dan 4th.

Aug 19, 2012, Sunday. Wow! What a great day for fun sailing.  Many skippers said it was the best weather for sailing we had this year. Temperatures maybe high 70s or low 80s. Partly cloudy. The wind started pretty light at 2:30, but by 3:30 we had steady 6 to 8 mph winds but just right so there were no waves. We laughed a lot, and ran many short races. We had a lot of starting practice, and even some 360 practice.  Those who did not sail today missed a good time.

Aug 12, 2012, Sunday. Scored Day. Five V-32s sailed 14 races this second scored day of the Summer season.  The wind was a bit higher than predicted on Sunday.  The temperature was in the low 80s, under scattered clouds. A few times the sun was out and it got a bit warm.  Gary has returned after not sailing for a long time.  Welcome back Gary.

Aug 5, 2012, Sunday. Fun Day. Two V-32s were at the pond between 2 and 2:30 pm. When the third skipper showed up, the rain started before he even got in the water.  We all went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

July 29, 2012, Sunday. Scored day. We had seven boats out and almost no wind at 2:30 pm. We delayed starting until about 3 pm when a light breeze picked up.  Dale's boat quit working before we started scoring at 3 pm. The wind was very light, with a few good 4 mph gusts.  The wind quit during the last race and it took almost 20 minutes to complete. Temperature was in the low 80s with overcast so it was not too hot.  We quit at 4:20 due to no wind.

July 22, 2012, Sunday. Five V-32s sailed on this practice day. We started with a number of short races to the frist mark to practice our starting skills. Then we sailed about ten races around other marks. The wind was light and variable. Sometimes we had to wait for it to decide which way it was going; 90 to 180 degree shifts were frequent. Temperature was 91 F, in clear skies. Pretty hot, so we quit sailing at 4 pm.

July 13-14, 2012, Friday & Saturday. AMYA Region 4 V-32 Championship Regatta. See NOR. Eight boats competed in this event. Wind was light all day, and there was a hour-plus break for a rainshower. Results and photos. 1st Russell Hardi, 2nd Ralph Kanko, 3rd Rob Hill.

See a You Tube video of KMSC V-32s sailing on July 8, 2012 at . This was posted by Mark Camden...Thanks, Mark!

July 8, 2012, Sunday. Seven V-32s raced today in the final Scored Race day of the 2012 Spring Season.  First place shifted around quit a bit. The weather was hot, but we had good wind about 95% of the time.  Recommend a chair with a sun shade in this kind of 93 degree weather, and lots of water. Russ 1st, Ralph 2nd, Dan 3rd for the day. The new Summer Scored season will start this month with the first scored day on July 29.

July 1, 2012, Sunday. No one reported sailing today.  A storm with winds from 60 to 80 mph raged through on Friday evening and knocked out power for 30,000 Dayton area residents. Some were restored in a few hours, others waited days and days.

June 24, 2012, Sunday. Seven V-32 skippers raced on this Scored Race day. Rob 1st, Russ 2nd, and Dave 3rd. It was hot but all had a good time.

June 17, 2012, Sunday. After a short round of rainshowers, four V-32 skippers arrived at the pond to sail in nice wind. In less than an hour the winds had increased back up to 10 to 14 mph and sailing became extremely difficult. After only three or four practice races, we gave in to the strong wind, slight drizzle, and threatening clouds. We all went home.

June 10, 2012, Sunday. Eight V-32s raced 13 scored races in the second SCORED Day of the Spring Season. The weather was perfect. All had a great time. John got to race for the first time--Hope you enjoyed it, John. Result of today's racing: Russ 1st, David 2nd, Dave 3rd, Dan 4th.

June 3, 2012, Sunday. Six skippers sailed today even though the wind was sometimes gusting to 17 mph, but there were longer times of 8 to 12 mph winds.  There were no periods of zero wind, although a few boats got caught in swirling masses of air fluttering around the gazebo in three or more directions at once. Practice racing around an interesting zig-zag course was interrupted by an occasional knock down gust, but it was still fun. John brought out a new V-32 and the strong wind proved to be too much for the stock gooseneck.  The top eyelet was also displaced. These are the kind of things that usually happen after a number of  sailing episodes, but the strong wind really strains those fittings.

May 27, 2012, Sunday. Ten V-32s practice raced in nice weather, although a little hot.

May 20, 2012, Sunday. First SCORED Race day of 2012. Thank you to the skippers who came out and sailed today.  Ten V-32s sailed this afternoon right after the Star 45s finished.  Those Stars are BIG boats!  Nice to see our pond used for more sailing.  The sun was very warm....and temperature ~90 degrees with variable wind maybe up to 8 mph a few times out of the Southeast. We had several lulls where we just parked out on the water, but never more than 3 or 4 minutes.  We raced from the two center red marks and rounded the outer marks on the pond except for one yellow mark. Could not set up a good beat on the first leg, but we had a good time anyway. A very nice day of sailing.  Russ, Rob, and Ralph took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

May 13, 2012, Sunday. Cancelled due to rain.

May 8, 2012, Tuesday. The missing green mark was replaced in the pond by the Kettering staff. Thank you Kettering Parks!

May 6, 2012, Sunday. Practice Racing. Five skippers sailed V-32 sailboats at Delco Park in light wind. The temperature was about 80 degrees, but with the bright sun and light wind it was pretty hot. We raced 7 practice races, and had to stop and wait for the wind on several occasions. Good day to practice light wind skills. Tony brought his new boat out for the first time to a club sail, and Eric joined us again after a long absence. It was nice to see you both sailing with us, and hope to see you often.

We kept score on practice races. Ralph and Dan were tied with 12 points each.  Tie breaker will be who had more 1st places....well that's a tie, too at three 1st places each. Who had more 2nd places?...whoops--both with three 2nd places! That's a tie, and so is the quantity of 3rd places Ralph & Dan had.  So the tie breaker becomes who beat the other in the last race.  That was Dan, so Dan takes first place.

1st Dan, 2nd Ralph, 3rd Dale, 4th Eric, 5th Tony

NOTES on Trimming boats at the poind:

a) Earlier this week a boat repeatedly became locked in irons caused by insufficient rudder movement. After drilling a new hole in the rudder horn to increase rudder throw, the boat was tested today and showed a significant improvement in its ability to complete a tack--even in light wind.  

b) A second boat had too much rudder throw making it very sensitive to commands and hard to sail. The control rod was moved inward on the servo to decrease rudder throw and the boat became more controllable and steady. It is a good idea to swap sailboats once in awhile just to see if there are settings or adjustments that may improve performance.

May 3, 2012, Thurs. Two V-32s sailed for 4 1/2 hours. Great fun.

April 29, 2012, Sunday. What a great day of sailing today. Eight V-32s sailed nineteen practice races--We kept score for the practice. The weather was perfect... strong wind at first but down below 10 mph most of the afternoon.  Never a lull. We had some very tight races. We could get 3/4 of the way around the course and the boats were still in tight group. First place was spread around quite a bit.  Lots of fun. We had a visitor sailing Jose's boat for a number of races---Good job, Roger. Hope to see you again.

April 27, 2012, Friday. Two V-32s sailed for a few hours. One green mark that was close to the Gazebo was dragged out and found on shore.  Kettering Park staff is scheduled to put it back.

April 22, 2012, Sunday. Cancelled due to winds greater than 12 mph and temperature less than 50 F.

April 15, 2012, Sunday. Cancelled due to high wind.

April 8, 2012, Sunday. Cancelled due to high wind.

April 1, 2012, Sunday. Three V-32 skippers sailed today. At 1:00 pm the wind was quite strong, but by 2:30 or 3: 00 pm it was at a reasonable level and sailing was fun. The forecast had predicted 15 mph winds so the Club Commodore sent an emailcalling the sailing day off--the forecast was wrong, and the three who sailed in spite of the forecast had it right!

March 29, 2012. Thursday. Kettering Park staff put the bouys in the pond at 10:00 am. The bouys are all new and look so bright and colorful. Now we are ready to race!

March 10, 2012. Saturday. The weather was so nice we coordinated a sailing time. Three of us sailed for about 2 1/2 hours in very nice 6 to 9 mph winds in mid-60s temperatures. We threw out the portable makers and had a great time.

Jan 21, 2012. Joint KMSC and MVMYC meeting at MCL cafeteria.

~~~~~~~ 2011 ~~~~~~

End of Sailing for 2011

Dec 31, 2011. Saturday. About five skippers sailed in cool weather as tribute to the end of the year.

Nov 20, 2011:  No sailing due to rain.

Nov 13, 2011:  No sailing due to high wind 20+ mph.

Nov 6, 2011: Fun sail day. Eight V-32s were out sailing today in beautiful weather; it was 61 degrees, and perfect 8-10 mph winds. Permanent markers were removed earlier this week so we threw out the portable markers and sailed an interesting zig-zag course with two beats. Super boat speed--some boats were throwing up huge bow sprays on the downwind leg.  We must have sailed 12 or 14 races, but no one kept score.  If you were not there, you missed a great day of sailing.  Final scores for both Spring and Summer Racing will be sent out soon. We had a pond meeting and voted to hold our next club meeting in January with the Star 45 group. Additional "yes" votes had been received from absent club members.

Oct 30, 2011:  This was a great sailing day. The temperature was about 55 in nice warm sun, except for the occasional cloud.  The wind was about 6 - 8 mph and almost straight from the south, so we consistently had a beat to the first mark.  We ran 14 Scored races with six boats.  There were several "over early" calls as well as a number of 360s. I think we all had a good time. First four places were: 1st Ralph, 2nd David, 3rd Gary, and 4th Steve. The tie for 4th and 5th was broken by Steve getting a 2nd place in race # 7.

Oct 23, 2011:  Eight skippers raced on this scored day. The wind was perfect, about 6 mph most of the afternoon, then a little lighter near 4 pm. We ran 12 races in 61 degree temperatures which chilled a few who wished they had worn gloves. We all had a good time. Results: 1st Ralph, 2nd Jose, 3rd Dan, 4th David.

Oct 16, 2011:  Scored sailing cancelled due to high winds. Two brave skippers met at the pond in 16 mph winds...with higher gusts. Official sailor report was "It was like a typhoon!" First boat in the water laid over on it beam ends, and the second skipper changed his mind about lauching his boat.

Oct 9, 2011:  Sunday. Six V-32s raced for fun in the best of weather. Nice 78 degrees, winds 4 to 6 mph and scattered clouds. The wind was perfect, just enough to sail fast and no waves. We had a good time and did not keep score nor count the number of races. We had a visitor who drove a long ways from southern Indiana. Hope we see you often, Marlane when you get your new V-32.

Oct 2, 2011:  Sunday. This scored race day was cancelled due to high winds.

Sept 25, 2011:  Sunday. V-32 Practice day at Delco Park. Four skippers sailed V-32s in very nice weather. The wind was mostly around 5 to 6 mph and fairly steady. We only suffered a few lulls. The temperature was a very nice 74 degrees. A lot of skippers missed a great sailing day. We practice raced some rather long courses.  The geese were there in abundance as well, but they did not participate in our activities, except for the squawking.

Sept 24, 2011. Saturday. New Bremen Pumpkin Regatta for V-32s, S1Ms and Star 45s. This was a fun day with good wind. A rain shower about an hour before starting was short and we enjoyed a rain free, but cool 2 hours of racing. Three V-32 skippers participated, so we all received a nice medallion and coffee mug. Ralph 1st, Steve 2nd, and Mark 3rd.

September 18, 2011. Scored Day. Eleven V-32 skippers sailed today in great weather. Temperature was about 75 degrees, and the wind was perfect--not enough to make waves, but just right for our V-32 boats. There was a short, light shower at 1:30 before we started sailing, and the skies were overcast all afternoon.  We ran 12 races on this scored day, and quit at 4:30 pm.  Rob, Ralph, Russ, and David took the first four places.

September 11, 2011. Practice day. Six skippers raced from 2:30 to 4:00pm when we were chased out by rumbling thunder. It was a great day to sail. Temperature was a very comfortable 83 degrees, and the winds were about 6 mph w/gusts to about 13 mph. After several practice races, we chose up sides for team racing. Dave and Dan were Team Captains...or is that "Team Admirals," and flipped a coin to determine who chose first. We kept score for six races and competed for low total points for the team. It was a nice variation, and we found that the polite way we sailed near another team member was different than how we usually sail. There was still good competition among all skippers, and we had a good time.

September 4, 2011. Rained out practice race day at Delco Park.

August 28, 2011. Nine skippers attended the practice race day at Wegerzyn Gardens in Deweese Park, Dayton, OH, supporting Hobbies for Hospice. The weather was great! Comfortable mid-80s temperatures, clear skies, and good winds. The winds were variable...sometimes light, sometimes heavy, and many times changing direction in confusing ways. V-32s shared the pond with Star 45 sailboats. Race starts for the two fleets were separated, and most of the time there was little interference. However, I think very few V-32s failed to give way to an approaching Star 45. Risking a collision with a 13 lb Star is not wise. Other activities at the park included RC airplane flying demonstrations, a very nice garden scale train layout, and a booth with RC combat battlleships.

August 21, 2011. Eight skippers met at the pond today for a Scored Race day. Although it was raining at 2 pm, by 2:45 the storm had blown past and we sailed. Initially, the wind was very light, but then about 3:30 pm the wind really picked up and we were sailing in 13-15 mph winds and gusts. It was hot, but the partly cloudy skies made it a bit more tolerable.  Early in the day, Jose got tangled in a plastic bag that made his rudder useless. The entire fleet came alongside and gently guided his boat to shore. Rob, Jose, Dan, and Dave earned the first four places. After nine races we quit. The strong wind had caused a little repairable damage to one boat, and some chose not to risk damage.  About four boats sailed another two, non-scored races. 

August 14, 2011. This Scored Day was changed to a Practice Day because the forecast was 50% chance of rain and scattered showers. Four skippers took a chance and sailed  for fun under overcast skies.  Temperature was in the low 70s; wind was very nice at 6 - 8 mph. Wind was from the west and variable especially under the big clouds that passed overhead.  About 3:30 we started getting light sprinkles and we quit at 4:10 as a black cloud was coming and we didn't want to get caught.  All had a good time.

August 7, 2011. Practice day. Seven skippers sailed today in very nice, but changing wind. It was challenging and fun. Temperatures were about 89 degrees, but a cloudy sky and constant breeze kept us somewhat comfortable. Dan started the day with a first place in the first 3 or 4 races, then a few other skippers started finishing in front as well.  Dale did a good job racing today, moving up toward the front with firsts and seconds, and he finished first in last race of the day.  We all decided to quit at 4:15 because of a black cloud coming from the west. Good thing, within 20 minutes it was blowing, thundering and raining.

July 31, 2011. Scored Day. Ten skippers sailed in very hot weather and fairly weak wind. We sailed ten races, after which a majority of the skippers agreed that we had endured the light wind and high heat enough.  There were times when the wind stopped completely and changed direction by 90 to 120 degrees.  We were unable to set up a good course for the Easterly wind direction and sailed a reach to the first mark for all races. First four places: 1st Rob, 2nd Russ, 3rd Mark, 4th Ralph.

July 24, 2011. Practic day rained out. Several skippers showed up at the pond just in time to watch the start of a thunderstorm.

July 15-17, 2011. V-32 Region 4 Championship Regatta. Go to Report

Sunday, July 10, 2011. Scored Day. Nine V-32s raced on a scored day. Wind was light at times--temperature was hot all the time. We had a great day of sailing. First four places: 1st Russ, 2nd Ralph, 3rd Jose, 4th Mark.

Sunday, July 3, 2011. Delco Park was closed on this day while the fireworks where being prepared for the July 4th celebration. The Regatta committee met at MCL Cafeteria and went through the final plans for the regatta on July 15-17. All is in order.

Sunday, June 26, 2011. Scored Day. Sunday was a great day of sailing. No rain! Eight skippers raced 15 scored races in good wind and nice temperatures. First four places were 1st Rob, 2nd Eric, 3rd Jose, 4th Jerry.

Sunday, June 19, 2011. Four V-32 skippers gathered at the pond because it appeared be clearing. We had just enough time to get to the pond and it started raining. No sailing. We had a good time visiting for an hour in light and intermittent rain, then gave up and went home.

Sunday, June 12, 2011.

Sunday, June 5, 2011. Scored Day. Ten skippers were out racing on Sunday June 5. The weather was perfect. Nice temperatures and the wind was very cooperative, about 4 to 6 mph all afternoon. First four positions: 1st Russ, 2nd Ralph, 3rd Jose, 4th Jerry.

Sunday, May 29, 2011.

Sunday, May 22, 2011. We had nine boats out sailing today.  Super weather! Good wind, no rain. Very nice turn-out for the first scored day. We raced about five or six practice races, then raced ten scored races. Rob, Ralph, Russ, and Jose took 1st through 4th.

Sunday, May 15, 2011. All but one V-32 skipper stayed home in this rainy weather.

Sunday, May 8, 2011. Six V-32 Skippers sailed at Delco Pond today. The weather was great. We had a high temperature of 71 degrees, under partly cloudy skies, and no rain. Winds were mostly light, and we had a number of short-lived lulls as well.  We sailed practice races with the countdown tape.  Many of our races were sailed twice around three close marks since it took so long to get to the far marks.

Sunday, May 1, 2011. Cancelled due to weather

Sunday, April 23, 2011. Five V-32 skippers braved the weather on Saturday. The wind was a bit strong, so we moved to the west end of the pond where the trees and buildings at the edge reduced the wind to a reasonable speed. We threw out three marks and had something to race around. However, after less than an hour, it started raining. We got the boats wet--top and bottom.

Sunday, April 17, 2011. Cancelled due to weather

Sunday, April 10, 2011. Cancelled due to weather

Friday, March 18, 2011, 6:00 pm. Spring meeting.

-Discussed 2011 sailing plan.

-Russ Hardie gave a great presentation on How to Trim Your Boat to Win!

-Location: MCL Cafeteria, Kettering, OH.

--->Footy Skippers: Three Footy boats were brought for show & tell.

Sunday, Feb 27, 2011. Dan sailed today in 54 degree temperatures with pretty strong winds. He only sailed about an hour, with no competition whatsoever. Dan is the first boat reported on the water at Delco Park in 2011.

~~~~~~~ 2010 ~~~~~~

KMSC 2010 Activities

Saturday, Nov 20, 2010, 4 pm. KMSC Awards 2010. The fall club meeting and awards dinner was held at the MCL Cafeteria at 4485 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45429. Certificates were presented to the top four skippers in each series. Scores shown in the table next to the names are the average after throwing out 1/8th of the highest scores for each skipper. A skipper must sail in 50% of the races to qualify for the lavish awards. The club voted to hold the AMYA V-32 Region 4 Championship Regatta. Approval has been recieved from the AMYA Class secretary.

2010 Race Results

  Spring Series Ave Score   Summer Series Ave Score
1st Russell H. 1.50   Russ H. 1.94
2nd Ralph K. 2.97   Ralph K. 2.46

Jose G.

3.35   Rob H. 2.78
4th David K. 3.62   Mark C. 3.96
Races 51     107  
Min to Qualify 25     53  

Nov 7, 2010. Seven skippers raced 15 scored races in pleasant 53 degree weather. Wind was just right about 6 to 9 mph. First three places were Russ, Ralph, & Dan. Dan started sailing with us this summer and has already moved into the top of the fleet in the last two or three race days. This was a scored race day, and the last of the season. Total season scores and standings will be announced at the Fall meeting on Nov 20.

Oct 31, 2010. This day was a scored race day as a make-up of last week's cancellation. Seven skippers sailed 15 races in mild weather. Temperature was about 52 degrees with very nice 5 to 8 mph, with a few gusts. The first three finishers were Ralph, Dan, and David.

Oct 24, 2010. This Sunday's scored race day was cancelled due to forecast high wind.

Oct 17, 2010. Fun Race day. Nine V-32s raced for fun in 15 races. The wind was light to dead at times, but we did have a good time racing on a short course. Great time to practice light wind sailing. Temperature was a pleasant 71 degrees and no threat of rain.

Oct 10, 2010. We had a great time sailing in fine weather with temperatures in the low 80s. Six boats raced 15 races. Wind was light a few times, but overall very nice. One of the last great days for sailing this year. We scored this day since last Sunday was cancelled. Russ took first place again and is still holding on to that position for the season.

Oct 3, 2010. Scored sailing cancelled due to weather. Cold temperatures and high winds.

Sept 26, 2010. Six V-32s sailed 16 practice races in nice 65 degree weather with perfect winds of 5 to 8 mph. We used the rabbit start system where the last place boat starts the next race. It was a very nice day for sailing.

Sept 17 to 19, 2010. V-32 National Championship Regatta was held at the Delco Park Pond, Kettering Ohio. We had a great time as 12 competitors sailed 23 races over 1 1/2 days. Weather was nice, in the low 80s, but the wind was a bit light at times. Lack of wind ended the event about an hour earlier than we wanted on Sunday. Pictures and the complete final lineup will be posted on this site later this week.

REPORT from Jerry the RD: Scott Rowland won 16 of 23 races to win going away. He sailed smart, he sailed well; and he sailed fast. Was he faster than all the others? I doubt it. He just has skills the rest of us do not have. Fortunately, he shares it with the rest of us. Congratulations, Scott! Russ Hardie and Rob Hill ended up in a tie for second place. Russ won the the tie breaker by having more firsts. We tried to get in a 24th race so we could have another throwout, but the wind would not cooperate. To his credit, Rob was leading an aborted 24th race when the wind went to zero and agreed to our abandoning the race. It was not a fair test. Bob Bottenhorn was fourth and Ralph Kanko was fifth. Congrats to all!

The KMSC wants to thank all the competitors for coming out to this National Championship V-32 Regatta. Also thanks to those who helped prepare for this event, and to those who voluteered their time to help run the event and provide support. More details and names when final results are posted.

A special thanks to Jerry Callahan for being the Race Director for the event. Jerry did a fine job of keeping the races going, rearranging the course for wind direction, and providing direction to our recording and scoring volunteers.

Sunday Sept 12, 2010. This was a great day to sail. The wind was quite strong at 9 to 11 mph with gusts to 15! Our boats held up pretty good, except for two boats that were puctured by other boats. Impact and damage are never an appropriate outcome, no matter who has the right of way. Many contacts were due to strong and gusty wind pushing boats in unexpected directions at unexpected speed. Plenty of starboar/port violations......the quantity of violations always seems to be greater than the quantity of 360s. Ten skippers sailed on this scored race day. We had two visitors. Scott sailed a new V-32 and John sailed Jerry's boat. 1st Scott, 2nd Rob, 3rd Russ--great sailing, guys!

Sunday Sept 5, 2010. Seven V-32 skippers sailed 14 races in very nice 74 degree weather.  The wind was mostly good with a few minutes of lulls here and there. The changing wind direction added an additional challenge.  Dan visited us last week and sailed 5400 today, but will soon be sailing a new V-32 he ordered last week.  Welcome aboard, Dan. Bob sailed a V-32 practicing for the National Regatta. Great sailing!  Thanks for coming, Bob. Jerry was out there, too. Haven't seen you in a long time....welcome back. Next week, Sept 12 is a scored race day and the last day to practice before the V-32 National Regatta on Sept 17 -19.

Sunday Aug 29, 2010. Eight V-32 skippers sailed today and we ran 17 fun races. All had a great time in winds of 3 to ~12 mph. Although the temperature was about 90, the humidity was low, so it was not so bad. We had good wind...just a few very slow times, and then we had some terrific gusts.  Very challenging, with shifty winds; but then it's always like that....

We kept score just for reference.....after all, some of us are practicing for the National V-32 Regatta on Sept 17-19.  We will sail two more times before the Nationals....One more practice day on 5 Sept (Labor Day weekend), and one scored day on 12 Sept.

Dan visited us and we loaned him V-32 #5400 to sail. Robert talked with us as we were leaving and was very interested in sailing. He was watching from the Gazebo and was quite surprised at the speed and maneuverability of our boats. Hope we see both of you next week.

Sunday Aug 22, 2010. We had a great time today in near perfect weather. The wind was 3 to 7 mph all afternoon, and the temperature was a nice 83 degrees. No rain, no threat...just nice partly cloudy skies that gave us varying wind conditions with some surprise lifts. Ten V-32 skippers raced on our third scored day of our Summer Series. We had plenty of 360s--thanks guys for being good sports and following the penalty rules. The first three place were Russ, Jose, and Ralph.

The keel broke off of one V-32 while it was sailing. It went turtle, but was recovered by another sailboat that snagged a shroud and dragged it to shore. The boat is about six years old, and the remainder of the keel tang in the boat looked dark and soft. It is critical on the V-32 to remove the keel, dry it out, and reseal the keel tang with cynoacrylate (Hot Stuff, Zap) and epoxy once or twice a year in boats that have the standard bolt-in keel. The new V-32 rules allow a permanent mounted keel, and if it is carefully done to completely seal the keel/hull, the tang will no longer be at risk of getting water-logged, becoming weak, and breaking off.

Sunday Aug 15, 2010. This was a practice day. Six V-32s practice raced in overcast skies with 0 to 5 mph winds. Conditions were gusty and wind direction was changing. We had a good time. Jerry and Bob came up from the S1M club in Cincinnati and sailed our V-32s with us. Glenn visited us from Columbus. Hope you all come and join us again. A Footy sailboat ran some races with the V-32s. That little boat didn't have a chance against boats almost three times its size. The forecast was for 50% chance of thunderstorms, so at 4 pm a thunder storm threatened and we quit for the day.

Sunday Aug 8, 2010. Nine skippers sailed today on the second scored day of our Summer Series.  The temperature was about 87, and winds varied from zero to about 6 mph.  Shifts were the norm. We set up a triangle course and sailed the same course 15 times. It was fun! A great day--at least for those of us who didn't mind the challenge of a few lulls.The first three places for the day were: Russ, Ralph, & Rob.

Sunday Aug 1, 2010. We had a great day of sailing.  Seven club members showed up and Bill was a new guy who started out as an interested spectator. We loaned him a boat and he sailed seven races with us.  He did very well--even took a first in one race.  Hope to see you again, Bill. The weather was nice with the wind about 3 to 6 mph and 88 degrees. Only had a few lulls. We sailed about 19 short-course races focusing on starting practice. The first 17 practice races were scored--but these scores will not count to for the Summer Series standings. Because of wind switches, it was hard to set up the course so the wind was perpendicular to the start line, but most of the time we had it almost right.

Sunday July 25, 2010. The was the first scored day of our Summer Series. The forecast called for 50% chance of rain on this day, and indeed, it did rain all morning, but it was beautiful for sailing all afternoon. Scattered clouds were continually moving overhead, so we had some gusts, but no thunder or rain. Ten V-32 skippers ran 16 races in very nice wind. We had a number of boats that got hooked together, probably more than on any other day. All had a good time. Russ, Rob and Mark took 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Congratulations guys....good sailing.

Sunday July18, 2010. This was a fun sail day. Eight skippers sailed fun races in very nice wind ranging from 4 to 10 mph. Although it was warm, it was still fun. About 3:30 pm, the clouds came up from the South with thunder so we all left in a hurry and reconvened at the Dairy Queen. It was very good timing, because it rained very hard about the time we got our ice cream. The forecast called for 50% chance of rain--so we got about 50% of our sailing. We tried handicap racing by allowing the two last place finishers a ten second head start in the next race. Nina brought a new V-32 boat out for its first sail. Nice boat. We had some different skippers appear at the front of the pack a few times....great fun.

Sunday, July 11, 2010. This is the last scored day of the Spring Season. We had a great day of sailing. Temperature was around 86 degrees and we had good wind all afternoon. Eleven skippers raced today. Some of our starts were amazing! After one start, eight boats all showed up at the first mark at the same time. Starboard! Room at the Mark! Someone should have called RAFT! as well. We had several instances of two boats getting stuck together...I know of two where the headstay eye hook caught a line on the other boat. I wonder if there is a way to close the hooks so they do not grab other boats. Scores will be posted by email in the next few days.

Sunday, July 4, 2010. Delco Park closes the gates to automobile traffic at noon for the 4th of July Celebration. East edge of the pond is off limits on Saturday and Sunday because of fireworks preparation. No sailing at Delco Park planned for July 4.

Sunday, June 27, 2010. This was a scored day. We had eight boats racing in winds that varied from ~8 to 12 mph, with gusts to ~18 or more--the gusts were so strong at times that it was difficult to make headway.  Fortunately, the gusts were of short duration and we had mostly good wind all afternoon.  No damage due to wind. Kurt and Nina sailed with a new boat--welcome to fun hobby of sailing. Russ took first for the day coming in first place on 8 out of 14 races. Russ is in first place by a wide margin for the year as well.  Good work, Russ!

Sunday, June 20, 2010. On this Father's day five skippers raced for fun. The wind was very light at times and changed direction as much as 120 degrees, but the best wind came up about 4:30 after two skippers left--sorry guys. Then we had good wind from 6 to 8 mph, and three boats kept sailing until 5:30. The temperature may have reached 90 degrees, but our method of sailing while sitting in lawn chairs and the cool breeze off the pond made it comfortable...and a very fun day.

Sunday, June 13, 2010. Today turned out to be a great sailing day at Delco Pond in Kettering. Eight skippers showed up to sail on this our SECOND scored race day.  We had no rain, no thunder, nice temperatures, and always enough wind. The direction and intensity of the wind changed every time a cloud passed overhead.  Jose showed his skill by taking first place in six heats and a first place position for the day by a wide margin. Good work Jose! We had a number of interested observers who tried their hand at sailing.  Seems like at least one or two were interested enough to follow through.. Hope so...  Mike, a very interested visitor kept score for us for most of the heats.  Thanks Mike!

Sunday, June 6, 2010. Scored sailing cancelled today due to high winds...13 mph gusting to 19 mph.

Sunday, May 30, 2010. Memorial Day weekend. No sailing due to rain.

Sunday, May 23, 2010. This was the first scored day for the season. Five skippers braved the elements, hot sun and low windspeed. The temperature was hot and the wind low to non-existent. We did have fun and hope to see the rest of you skippers at the next sail day. Congratulations Russ and thanks for all your tips and advice. Russ started the season in first place, Dave was second, and Mark took third.

Sunday, May 16, 2010. ?

Sunday, May 9, 2010. ?

Sunday, May 2, 2010. Sailing was cancelled due to rain.

Sunday, April 25, 2010. Sailing was cancelled due to weather.

Sunday, April 18, 2010. Ten skippers fun sailed today in 62 degree weather. Wind was variable as it always is this time of year. We had some lulls and some strong gusts, but overall, it was a good time. Ken came out and sailed with us today for the first time. Thanks for coming, Ken. We hope you come and sail with us again.

Saturday, March 20, 2010. KMSC Spring Club Meeting was held at the MCL Cafeteria. Eight members attended. We closed most the items we tabled at our November meeting. Some items will be discussed and voted on at the pond when we meet to sail. Plans are moving along for the V-32 National Championships Regatta in Sept 2010.


~~~~~~~ 2009 ~~~~~~

2009 Activities

Sunday, Nov 29, 2009. Did anyone attempt to sail on this windy, rainy day? Not I. (Ralph)

Sunday, Nov 21, 2009. Nine Skippers Sailed at Delco Park. The weather was great. Wind started out at about 8 mph and got down to ~4mph for good sailing all afternoon.  We used three throw out markers for the course and practice raced without keeping score.  Aside from the 54 degree temperatures it was perfect day.

Saturday, Nov 21, 2009, 5:30 pm. AWARDS DINNER. The KMSC held the Fall/Awards meeting at the MCL Cafeteria at 4485 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45429. The first five Places for the entire season received a beautifully framed awards made by Dave Eckard. Thanks, Dave.

1st Russell Hardie
2nd Ralph Kanko
3rd Jose Garcia
4th David Eckard
5th Dave Kovaks

Russell Hardie was the only skipper that sailed in every scored race we held.

An extended business meeting was held. The most significant decision was to host the 2010 V-32 National Championships. Our Race Director, Steve Pratt will lead the planning committee and needs volunteers for various planning tasks. A date will be established soon. Need to coordinate with communitiy agencies to find a appropriate weekend in Aug or Sept, that does not conflict with other events. Meeting minutes were sent to all members. We plan to hold another meeting in Feb or March to finalize Regatta plans and close a number of issues we tabled at this meeting.

DIRECTIONS: The MCL Cafeteria is located at 4485 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45429. Ph (937) 299-9009. This is on the NW corner of Far Hills and David Road, but the cafeteria is not visible from that intersection. MCL is located on the west side of the parking lot behind the bank, and it is the southern most business in the strip mall.

Sunday, Nov 15, 2009. The forecast called for 4 to 5 mph winds. When we got there, it was so quiet we began to wonder if someone had snuck out in the middle of the night and laid a mirror on the pond. Two eager skippers sat and visited while waiting for a gust, maybe a breath, even a sigh of wind to grace the water. No such luck! The temperature was nice; the sun was out, but no wind! After an hour, we went home. Aren't you glad you didn't come out today?

Sunday, Nov 8, 2009. Six skippers sailed today in nice weather. Temperatures in high 60s and winds were at 5-7 mph. We raced around the throw-out marks and had a good time.

Sunday, Nov 1, 2009. Fun/practice day as will be all the rest of the Sundays until the weather chases us out. Four skippers sailed today, and Jerry brought his star 45.  Although some skippers failed come out because of the light wind, the wind was very nice. Sometimes it was low, but there was always wind.  The park had removed the marks on Friday, so there was nothing to race around. Not much fun without buoys.

Sunday, Oct 25, 2009. This was our last scored day of the season. Ten V-32s raced in beautiful weather. The sun was shining most of the afternoon with temperatures in the mid 60s. The wind was very cooperative, ranging from about 5 to 8 mph, with its normal behavior of switching direction at unexpected times. Russel took the honors today of having the best score, but he was not the only one to cross the finish line in first place. Seven of the ten skippers had at least one first place.

Sunday, Oct 18, 2009. Eight V-32s sailed on this Fun sail day. Weather was a just a little over 50 degrees, but it it was fun. We did not have the starting recording so rabbit starts were used.

Sunday, Oct 11, 2009. Eight boats sailed on this scored race day. The wind was very light, so we used a shorter course. Scores have not been sent out yet, but I am pretty sure Russell is in first place today.

Sunday, Oct 4, 2009. We had nice weather and five V-32s sailed the waters in moderate to strong winds with very few lulls.  We sailed practice races with the starting tape, and had a good time. We did some sail trimming on Dale's new boat and it was sailing better by the end of the session. The Star 45s sailed a scored day today, so some of our V-32 skippers were gone.

We quit a little early because three boats were out of commission  One boat had the transmitter batteries go low, another had the rudder block come loose, and a third boat was T-boned which punctured the hull about an inch below the deck line.  Did not notice when it happened, but that boat was sailing very low in the water and almost sank. Water was already up to the servo mount rails!  It was very heavy to lift out of the water.  All items are repairable.

Sunday, Sept 27, 2009. Eleven boats were out racing on this scored race day. The wind was very strong, at times the boats just seemed to lay down and could make no headway. There were a few little whirlwind gusts that actually tacked some boats from port to starboard and back to port without changing course. The V-32s are tough little boats, none were damaged due to wind. First place was taken by five different skippers on various races, and I think everyone has noticed that it is very hard to get to the sweet spot at the starting line, since so many skippers seem to know where it is and managed to be there. Results were mailed out to all members.

We had one boat lose its sail rig--it was due to the screw at the bottom of the mast unscrewing itself. Recommend that the screw at the bottom of the mast be examined, and if it has little or no friction to turning you should use some method to lock it.  Check the ease with which it screws when the mast is NOT ON THE BOAT. We have seen this problem occur on several occasions. 
Here are some ways to stop that screw from unscrewing:

        1.  Add a lock nut made from nylon or use a nut with the self locking nylon insert feature. You need to use something that resists turning.  Snug it up against the bottom of the mast each time before you sail.  Recheck if this nut actually stays where you put it, or if it, too, starts moving.
        2.  Use blue locktite on the screw. This will need to be reapplied about once every five to eight sailing sessions, depending on how much you screw the adjustment.
        3.  Add a loop of string that goes from the side stay eyelet and hooks over the little tab to keep it from unscrewing.  I have two boats with this currently installed. Cheap, easy, and reliable.
        4.  Tape the tab to the deck with electical tape.
        5.  Use a plier to damage the screw thread so it binds a little and resists screwing. This method is not recommended because unlike the other ways to do this, damaging the bolt threads will also cause damage to the internal threads and you will soon have the same loose problem in addition to damaged threads on both parts.
        6.  Some skippers are lucky and there is just enough corrosion and rust that the bold never does get loose.  Unreliable.
        7.  Devise another clamping method and let us know how good it works.

Sunday, Sept 20, 2009. Fun Sail day. The early rain probably prevented many from coming, but it turned out to be a good sailing day after the morning rain quit. Five V-32s practice raced.  The wind was steady, about 6 to 8 mph, and did not stir up waves. Very nice.  A little rain shower chased us out about 5 pm, when most planned to leave anyway. No scores were kept. Dale sailed his newly built boat for the first time. Nice job on the boat, Dale! Next Sunday is a scored day. See you out there!

Sunday, Sept 13, 2009. Scored day. Five skippers sailed on Sunday Sept. 13. The Skies were nice, but the wind was fickle. Congratulations to Russell for taking top place, he as almost unbeatable, winning 14 out of 15 races. Jose won one race and I gave him one also as I couldn't get enough wind to cross the finish line. Scores that count toward the final standings were sent out.

Sunday, Sept 6, 2009. Fun Day because it is the Labor Day weekend. Scores were recorded by the four skippers and the results were sent out to all members. These scores do not count toward season standings.

Sunday, August 30, 2009. Fun Day racing, but we kept score just for reference. Ten skippers sailed in winds that were light at times, and even died out occassionally, but never for long. Jose came back to sail after four weeks absence and complained about being "rusty," then went on to take first place for this day. Don't we all wish we could get rusty like that? We had a great time!

Sunday, August 23, 2009. Scored day. We had a very nice day of sailing today. Great weather! Big change from 90 last week to 72 degrees today. Eleven V-32s sailed, and we completed 15 races. Thanks to everyone for coming out today. Wind was light and as always, a bit variable. We had some real crowded conditions on the start line, as well as some crowded marks. Russell came in first place again by a large margin of 23 points! Good job Russell--another day like this and you will be in first place for the season. We also had a number of different sail numbers taking first places--skills are improving. Good deal.

Sunday, August 16, 2009. This was a SCORED DAY-- a make-up for last weekend's cancellation due to high wind. I want to thank everybody who came out on such a hot day. We sailed 15 scored races with five boats. Aside from a few short lulls, we always had wind, but it was never from the same direction. Many times I went from a port tack to a starboard tack without changing heading. We had a good time even though it was quite hot. We had more than our share of pile-ups at the marks, and quite a few "rafts." Russell: Congratulations on taking first place on Sunday. Can I tune your boat for you?

Sunday, August 9, 2009. Scored sailing cancelled due to high winds. 13 to 14 mph predicted. Actual gusts reported as 21 mph at 4pm. We are collecting input from skippers to determine if we should make next Sunday a scheduled race day or try to make-up this scored day during the week. The votes came in and we will be sailing on Sunday as a Scored Day.

Sunday, August 2, 2009. The weather was perfect on this practice day. Temperature was about 82 degrees, winds were a nice 6 to 9 mph with a few healthy gusts. There were six V-32 Skippers out sailing and raced one race after another. We varied the course a few times, and swapped the lead and last place positions around quite a bit. It was a great time.

Sunday, July 26, 2009. I want to thank all the daring skippers who braved the rough seas and raced on our scored race day. We had nine boats today.  The wind was quite strong, but less than our agreed upon limits.  Winds were averaging about 9.6 mph with gusts up to 14.  We discussed the option to not do scored racing, but everyone seemed to agree..."I am here to race, let's go!"  There were several times when the boats all laid down and we could make no headway, but that only lasted five or ten seconds.  Actually, there were a few times when the entire fleet was moving backwards.  We had no serious crashes, no boats damaged, no failed parts, and no radio failures. GREAT DAY! We had a good time...and just about when we were leaving, the wind went down to 7 mph...

Sunday, July 19, 2009. This was fun sail day at Delco Pond. Don't believe anyone sailed today. Recovering from yesterday's regatta.

Regatta Report, Saturday, July 18, 2009.

The First Annual Ohio V-32 Invitational regatta at Delco Park in Kettering was a success. We got to sail our boats in competition and met a lot of great sailors from the club in Indianapolis.  I want to thank the Indy Admirals for coming over to Kettering and participating in this regatta.  Thirteen skippers attended this First Annual Ohio Invitational Regatta.  Five Indianapolis Admirals raced with eight Kettering Model Sailing Club members. We raced all thirteen boats as a single fleet. This establishes a new record for the number of V-32s on Delco Pond.

Temperatures were a very nice 70 degrees as we sailed under cloudy skies in winds of 4 to 8 mph with infrequent lulls. A big, dark cloud passed to the south of us and for a while it looked like we were going to get rained out--but we never got rain at all.

Congratulations to the three Indy Admirals who earned first, second, and third place!

Here are the top five skippers who received trophies:

1st Brian Brozek    Indy Admirals
2nd Gene Wisner   Indy Admirals
3rd Pete Pippen     Indy Admirals
4th Russell Hardie  Kettering Model Sailing Club
5th Ralph Kanko    Kettering Model Sailing Club



Sunday, July 12, 2009. Today was a great day of racing with TEN boats. The weather was a nice 83 degrees with winds of 6 to 9 mph and gusts even higher. We raced almost the same course all afternoon, because the wind stayed mostly from the NNW. We had some very close races--one race had ten boats crowded at the first and second marks--everyone got there at the same time! At one turn at the f a a a a r mark, I could not see my boat and gave no rudder commands, but since it was in the middle of the pack, it just got turned with everyone else and came out sailing in the right direction. David invented a new rule violation call today: "RAFTING!" A raft is when three or more boats get "stuck" together and can't seem to get free. I think we set a record with a six boat raft today. could not find a discussion on "rafting" in the rules, but IMHO the proper end to a raft is the windward boat does a 360.

Sunday, July 5, 2009. Seven skippers and approximately 30 geese sailed the waters on Delco Pond today, July 12. We started out with some pretty strong winds, and by 5 pm there were a few good lulls. We raced for fun today, and with the wind as strong as it was, we even used the far yellow mark. Don't know how many races we did, but it was hard to quit. The pond was very nice at 5 pm with 4-5 mph winds. Had a great time, temperature was warm, but not too hot.

Sunday, June 28, 2009. Scored racing was cancelled due to winds exceeding 12 mph.

Sunday, June 21, 2009. Sadly, no one was nice enough to their father on this Fathers' Day to bring them out to the pond and say, "Dad, if this is something you would like to do, we sure would like to buy you one of these boats." No one!

What a great day! Six V-32 skippers showed up at the pond today, and we practice raced in near perfect conditions.Nice winds, but variable as always. That nasty green marker still gave us a lot of trouble. The wind gets pretty mixed up behind the windbreak caused by the gazebo and tree; it appears the wind is coming from a completely different direction when you move as little as 5 feet.

We ran about 14 practice races with the recorded countdown. There were a number of races where we were really spread out at the finish, then there were several where we all showed up at the finish in a nice, tight group.

I have to compliment our KMSC V-32 skippers. Although many V-32 skippers are relatively new to RC sailboat racing, as a group, we have shown good sportsmanship in keeping clear when required and being pleasant when called to take a 360 when a mistake is made. Most of the actual collisions happen near the marks when the wind is shifty, the view of the boats is blocked, or the mark is so far away you need binoculars. Of course, there was the T-bone Ralph did on Jose's boat which was none of those. (Sorry, Jose, the 360 penalty I took was well-deserved. -Ralph) Playing by the rules makes the afternoon a good time for everybody.

It is no longer easy for the old skippers to get the choice positions on the starting mark every time, because everyone is getting better at being in the right place when the bell goes off. No, I didn't say everyone is at the line at the bell....I said we are getting better.

Sunday, June 14, 2009.. The scored racing was cancelled today. The wind was less than 3 mph at 1:00pm. Eight skippers showed up anyway for fun sailing at 2:30. The winds were very light and we spend a lot of time in lulls. We set up a very short practice course and sailed anyway. The wind gradually got better until we got rained out at 4 pm. Someone asked if we should postpone this scored day to next weekend. No, we will not because next Sunday, June 21, is Father's Day. We will not schedule scored races on holidays and special Sundays such as Father's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, etc., since many have family events on those days. We will look at the calendar and see if we can make this up on another day--or just let it pass.

Sunday, June 7, 2009.. We had a great time sailing on Sunday.  The weather was perfect. Nice 5 to 8 mph winds with an occasional big gust and very few lulls. The sky was overcast so the sun did not beat down on us... temperature about 80 degrees. Seven boats practice raced.  No one counted or kept score, but we must have done about 15 to 18 races. Because of the good wind conditions we were able to set up an interesting zig-zag course instead of going round and round.  Brian suggested it and then took a first place.  He said he really liked that course!

Sunday, May 31, 2009. We had a great time today. KMSC set a new record for the number of V-32s racing.  We had ten boats, even with three of our regulars missing.  Thanks to all those who came out. Results were sent out to all on the KMSC mailing list. The wind and temperature where perfect. Two different courses were followed--one to avoid the fishermen and then a little different when they left.  There were quite a few pile-ups at the marks.  The wind was variable, maybe averaging 6 mph, but there were some lulls and a few good, hard gusts. We had one start where the wind changed about 90 degrees right at the starting bell, and the boats seemed to drift off in many strange directions.

Sunday, May 24, 2009. Six V-32s practice raced in very light winds. A few times there were some decent gusts, but mostly it was a real drifter. We quit at 4 pm. A new skipper sailed with us for two hours. Dale, we were happy to have you sailing today. Chris tried a boat for a few minutes. Nice to see people stop by and be interested in our hobby. Hope to see you again, Dale and Chris.

Sunday, May 17, 2009. Eight skippers showed up for this scored day. We had a great time. Results were sent to all members. Wind was quite strong at times, and often laid our boats over. At other times the wind was light. Steve's mast came off--the bottom of the mast was split and the adjusting screw assembly was gone. Fortunately it happened near the starting line and the boat drifted to shore in a convenient place.

Sunday, May 10, 2009. We had six skippers out sailing practice races this Sunday. The weather was outstanding--fair temperature and good wind. Some of the guys with shorts wished they had some warmer clothes. We had mostly light winds, a few hard gusts and a few almost calm times. This was a much better turnout than I expected on Mother's Day. Phil and Mark brought out their boats for the first time. Mark got his boat from Victor already built; Phil built his boat. Very nice to see new skippers and new boats out there! We had the interest of a number of the folks who walked by.

Sunday, May 3, 2009. Today was a great day of sailing at Delco Park, Kettering. Thanks to all those who came out today. The temperature was perfect, and the sun was not hot. We had six skippers and boats at the pond, but only five sailed at one time due to a battery problem and a late arrival. This was our first Scored Race Day. Nine heats were sailed in light winds that were very shifty. A few times it became calm, but never lasted more than a few minutes. The marks were laid out so we could start in any direction, and the wind cooperated with our plan--it came from every direction.

Sunday, April 26, 2009. Scored sailing was cancelled due to winds of 14 to 20 mph. Three V-32 skippers sailed at the pond from 6:00 to 8:20 PM. Winds lightened up quite a bit and by 8:00 it was calm close to the south shore.

Saturday, April 25, 2009. This visit to Indianapolis is cancelled due to high winds. The Indianapolis Admirals will be sponsoring a V-32 invitational regatta on April 25, 2009 at Avon Park. V-32s sail at 1:30.

Sunday April 19, 2009. Eight V-32s practice raced at the pond today. Mark brought out his new V-32 still in the box, but it did not get wet today. Raul came out at 3:30, just when we were quitting due to rain. So we only had 1 1/2 hours of sailing in cool,temperatues (55 degrees), but beautiful 8 to 10 mph winds. It was fun. We sailed the new marks. Looks like the green mark moved about sixty feet from where we originally put it. Need to have it moved back. We were missing three of our members--We are going to have quite a crowd if all 12 show up!

We finalized plans for attending the Spring Fling at Avon Park, Indiana, next week. Five skippers have agreed to go early so we can watch the US1M boats sail at 10:30 am. Here comes TEAM OHIO!

Sunday April 12, 2009. Two V-32 skippers were at the pond, but did not sail..Most skippers did not show up this day. The weather was cool and windy, and it was Easter Sunday.

Thurs April 9, 2009. 2 pm. Kettering Park personnel put out five marks for our course. The marks are located a little closer to shore than before, and provide a number of options to set our start line perpendicular to the wind. Thanks to Russel for working out a new course layout and also to Steve for helping get the marks in the right positions.

Sunday April 5, 2009. 2 to 4:30 pm. Four V-32 skippers sailed in nice weather with ideal winds. We set up the throw out marks and sailed an inverted V course to avoid a fisherman who was fishing from our favorite rock.

Sunday, Mar 29, 2009. Sailing cancelled due to high winds.

Sunday, Mar 22, 2009. 2 to 5 pm. Four skippers showed up for a great day of racing. We used the tempoary marks again. Hope to get the permanent marks put in by the end of the month. Wind was light to moderate. We had more than a few interavals of no wind, however, they were short lived, and we never had to swim for a boat.

Sunday, Mar 15, 2009. 2 to 5 pm. Four skippers met at the pond for our first fun sail and racing practice. We threw out the temporary markers, Dave brought an extra marker, so we had two end points and two markers for a starting line. The weather was extremely nice. 61 degrees and nice 4 to 10 mph winds with only a few gusts that may have exceeded 15 mph. It was a nice initiation of the new season. We post some pictures soon.

March 14, 2009. 4:00 to 6:30 pm. We had our Spring meeting at the MCL cafeteria. Fourteen attended including spouses and family members. Russell did a fine presentation of the Rules of Racing, focusing on the ones that most of us seem to have trouble with. Four skippers said they will attend the April 25 Spring Fling in Indianapolis. We discussed the course arrangement and laid out some basic plans for an Invitational Regatta in June.

Feb 12, 2009. We have a new boat owner. Raul has been sailing with us last summer and has obtained a boat to race this season. Rumor has it that this boat did pretty good in last year's standings. Watch out! Welcome aboard, Raul.

January 17, 2009. We held a KMSC Dinner meeting at the MCL Cafeteria in South Dayton. Fifteen people attended including spouses and children. After a fine meal, we awarded certificates to the top four skippers, elected officers, and made plans for the 2009 racing season (See 2009 Racing Schedule). The top four skippers for 2008 are:1st Ralph Kanko, 2nd Jose Garcia. 3rd Russell Hardie. 4th Jerry Kunk.

~~~~~~~ 2008 ~~~~~~

Nov 2, 2008. Had a great time this Sunday. Six boats sailed in very light wind--we had a lot of dead time, but then we had some nice wind as well. The wind was so light when we got there, we all agreed not to score the day's races. We just had fun. This was the last sail of the season.

Oct 26, 2008. The Scored sailing for day for Sunday Oct 26 was cancelled. The wind was forecast to be 22 mph. Not even hiding in the valley at Lafino Park on Grange Hall could protect us from that. Our sailing plan calls for cancelling scored days when the wind is greater than 12 mph.

Oct 19, 2008. Great day for sailing. Seven skippers practice raced today. The sun was warm and the breeze was gentle. Had a lot of practice sailing in light wind, then suddenly we would have a good 6 mph for a few minutes. Had a few lulls, but generally good wind all afternoon. Had lots of shifting wind direction--which made for interesting sailing. We could sail the same course several times, and it would never be the same.

Oct 12, 2008. Wow! What a great day of sailing! We had nine boats racing, in near perfect conditions. Thanks to everyone who came out. Great temperature and the wind was pretty steady almost all afternoon. The wind was from our backs, so there were only little waves riled up at the windward end of the pond where we sailed. We had a few lulls, but not long lasting. The winds did not seem as difficult as usual because the wind approached the pond from the soccer fields where no stands of trees or other obstructions caused the wind to swirl in circles.

I guess it was one of the best attended with the best sailing conditions we have had all year! No boat failures or leaks, but Steve had to leave early. We varied the course about four or five times to make it interesting. I will have to bring out a white board so we can post the course....a number of us went for the wrong next mark too many times.

Oct 5, 2008. Well, attendance was not so good today. Not even the wind showed up. Four of our group were out of town for various reasons, and the Star 45 Fleet had their scored day today. So Brian and I were the only two who sailed. Ah, we can still tell people we sail every Sunday! The temperature was fine but the wind was just few thermals scooting different directions. We gave up on the wind and quit at 3:30.

CHECK YOUR BOATS: Brian's boat took on quite a bit of water sailing in calm winds. We found the keel box was loose, so the keel could easily be shifted from side to side. The plywood vertical that goes from the keel box to the underside of the deck had come unglued on the top. That probably caused some cracks in the joint at the bottom and let water in. Makes me want to add epoxy to that top joint when I seal the bottom joints on a new boat.

Sept 28, 2008. We had a great time on Sunday, Sept 28. The weather was great for this Scored race day. The wind was extremely cooperative with some variation. We had some hard gusts and light wind, but I don't recall the wind ever quitting altogether. We had several interested people stop by to talk. (No, the boats don't have motors)

Nine boats showed for the race. Steve's boat had a transmitter problem so he did not sail. Jerry's boat developed a leak which he discovered after the third race. He had about a half cup of water or more to drain. Jerry did not sail anymore. So we sailed with seven boats the rest of the day. We missed those of you who were not there!

Sept 21, 2008. What a great time sailing! We had nine (9) V-32 boats out practice racing today and a Star 45 as well. This is another new record attendance for our club. Thank you everyone for coming out. The wind was light with moderate gusts. Sometimes the wind died and we had to wait a few minutes for the wind to come back, but it always came back. We missed the rest of you who were not there.

Sept 14, 2008. CANCELLED. Sailing was cancelled due to the residue of Hurricane Ike moving into the Ohio area. Winds of up to 75 mph were experienced in Dayton, OH. As a result, damaged power lines left hundreds of thousands of residents without power for periods ranging from a few days to as much as two weeks. This really impacted our ability to charge our batteries.

Sept 7, 2008. A good day for sailing. Very nice 4 to 8 mph winds, nice temperatures, and not much wave activity. Four skippers practice raced until about 5:30. We missed all of you that have been attending in the past.

Aug 31, 2008 Fun Day. Sunday was a great day to sail. There was plenty of wind--and once in awhile a few gusts too much. We had a good time practice racing using chase-the-rabbit for starting. Some of the newer skippers in the club are getting better and starting to take away a few of the first place heats from the usual leaders. That's good! We had eight boats out there battling for room at the mark.

Aug 24 Scored Day. Beautiful sailing day! Light wind, heavy wind, and it was fairly hot except during the short rain shower. We established a record number of boats racing in our club. We had 8 boats racing! Lots of mix ups on who was getting first place. We had two visitors. Steve is looking for a new boat. David has ordered a kit. Raul is ready to sail next week with us as well. After 14 heats the standing was Ralph 1st; Russell 2nd; and Jose 3rd. We quit when we heard thunder.

Aug 17, 2008 Fun Practice. Had a great time today. Five boats were practice racing. Hugh brought his new V-32 out for its first sail. After a few adjustments of rigging, and installing a new grommet at the main sail clew, we were ready to go, except he needed to borrow a few batteries. The rechargeables were discharged. Hugh did sail his boat and it DID NOT leak.. Installed a spare receiver in Dave's boat, and he sailed all afternoon. Weather was nice. Light to moderate winds, always shifting. Lots of fun doing chase-the-rabbit starts.

Aug 10, 2008 Scored Race Day. The weather was great. Mild high 70s temperatures, clear sky, AND we had wind. We had some very high gusts at times, but overall it was very good. The varying gusts sure changed the position of the boats as each heat progressed. We had seven boats racing. After 15 heats the standings for the day were Ralph-1st, Jerry-2nd, and Russel-3rd.

There were some very close races--and some very far apart ones as well. The biggest problem seemed to be boats unable to get around a mark. That far mark is very hard to judge and a few times we had several boats making repeated passes at the same mark.

Three boats had radio problems. One boat had a faulty sail servo that caused glitches. The radio is quite new and we hope Victor Model Products will provide support in fixing this issue. The other two skippers have not reported the causes. Regretfully, this happened on a scored day....

Aug 3, 2008 Fun Practice. Had a great time sailing with six boats! Winds started strong and by the time we quit at 5 PM, it was almost calm. Had a new skipper, Hugh out with us--still waiting for his new boat from Victor--Welcome Hugh! Also had a first time visitor sail one of our boats; I hope you come back and sail with us again, David. We practice raced all afternoon, playing rabbit for the starts.

July 27, 2008 Scored. Six skippers raced 15 heats in light and variable winds. Sun was warm, but a good time was had by all. This was a scored day. Congratulations to the three fastest skippers: 1st Jose, 2nd Russell, 3rd Jerry. This was the first day for Russell with his new boat--we gotta watch this guy!

July 20, 2008 Fun Practice. What a great day of sailing! Since it was a fun day, we brought out a few other classes of boats. We had four V-32s, a Soling 1 Meter, a Star 45, a Footy, and a Nirvana II, but we were able to sail only seven of the eight at one time. We sailed heats for fun, using chase-the-rabbit for starts. The larger Soling and Star 45 gave the other boats about a 100 foot lead, then we were all in the race. The wind was a bit high for the V-32s, gusting as high as 16 mph. We passed the transmitters around so everyone had a chance to try other boats. No one asked to sail my Footy. :-( It did not sail well in those waves; however, those conditions for that size boat are equivalent to a typhoon. The forecast thunderstorms never did appear, but we quit when we had a little shower about 4:15 PM, then hung around and visited for the next 45 minutes anyway. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped make this a great day!

July 13, 2008. Very good Scored Race Day. We had five boats that raced 15 heats. The wind was strong, but the boats held up very well--only one boat had an eyelet pull out of the mainsail. There was one real difficult mark due to swirling winds from the gazebo and trees. Had to call a short time out to drain water.

July 6, 2008 (Holiday weekend) Fun Practice. Had a great day of sailing. Four boats! We did practice sailing using Chase-the-Rabbit starts. Wind was light to moderate--and very nice temperatures. Dave brought his new boat out for the first time, and it looks great. Welcome, Dave!

June 29, 2008 Cancelled due to weather.

June 22, 2008 What a great day of sailing! Five skippers showed up for this scored day. We waited about 30 minutes for a dark cloud to pass by before starting, and had no rain all afternoon. The winds and conditions were perfect for sailing. First three standings for the day were Ralph 1st; Jose 2nd; Jerry 3rd.

June 15, 2008. A lot of skippers had family responsibilities this Fathers' Day. Jose, Sharon, and Ralph sailed for a 2 1/2 hours in perfect weather. We had an extra boat for visitors, but had no skippers to try it out.

The Kettering Parks placed six marks on the water for us this spring and we have had a lot of fun using them in both scored and practice racing. Two years ago the marks had 3 lb anchors and we had two of them dragged to shore by unknown means. This year we have 10 lb anchors--solid steel cylinders with welded attachment rings.

June 8, 2008: Scored day. Three skippers showed up and the standing for the day after 15 heats was: 1st Jerry Kunk; 2nd Jose Garcia; 3rd Ralph Kanko. Good job, Jerry!

~~~~~~~ 2007 ~~~~~~

Sunday, Oct 28, 2007 was a pretty good sailing day. The wind was decent and three of us had a good time just sailing for fun. No marks this time.

Sunday Oct 21, 2007. Wind was 12 mph gusting to 25. We weren't interested in having our boats beat up in that kind of wind so I don't think anyone was sailing.

Sunday Oct 14, 2007. A very quiet afternoon. Although the forecast was for 5 mph, the wind was about 2 or 3 mph. No matter... four of us sailed a number of slow races and had a good time.

Sunday Oct 7, 2007. The wind was very light at 2:30, but by 3:30 it was around 3 or 4 mph. Nice sailing! Of course, I was out there by myself. Had Lou and Antonio stop by--Antonio tried my boat and found he is a pretty good sailor! The weather forecast was for 1 mph winds, but I saw a leaf move, so I just packed them up and went sailing. I was sailing a Star 30. Great boat for light wind.

Sunday 30 Sept, 2007. Another great day of sailing. We had five skippers racing around three marks. Don't know how many races we did. We had a Soling 1M sailing with us as well. It was nice to see another boat out there--even it it was faster than the V-32s. The weather was very nice. Good wind and quite variable.

Sunday Sept 23, 2007! What a great day. Six skippers and seven boats! If you had come we could have loaned you that extra boat. We got there at 2 PM and put out markers. Starting at 3PM five of us ran about 10 or12 practice heats, but no one counted for sure, We had some decent 6 mph winds and a number of quiet conditions when the wind stopped. We were all sorry the day had ended, and we all left about 6 PM. We hope to repeat this next Sunday on Sept 30. Come join us--whether you have a boat or not...

Sunday, Sep 9, 2007. Brian, Connie and Ralph sailed for almost three hours. The weather was perfect. After a slight drizzle quit at 2:30 when we drove up, the weather was dry with a very nice wind blowing. A few clouds flew over and looked ominous, but no rain. Temperature was perfect.

Sunday, Sept 2, 2007. Another good afternoon. Jose and Brian were out sailing and had a great time.

Sunday, Aug 26, 2007, was a great day for sailing. Brian sailed his boat for the first time. We had three or four boats out.

Sunday Aug 19, 2007. We had four boats out on the water on Sunday and had a good time sailing with some first time skippers. Bryan and Connie sailed for the first time and enjoyed it. Bryan plans to bring his new V-32 out next Sunday.

We had a good time sailing on Sunday, July 29, 2007 from 2:30 to 5:00. We had only two boats, but we set up markers and practiced for the V-32 Nationals (see below).

We sailed a few times in May, but the weather has not been cooperative during the last two weeks in May, so we have not been sailing as much as we would like. If the weather is good on Sunday afternoon, we may be out there

Sunday April 29,2007. Another great day of sailing from 2:15 to 5:45 PM! We had four boats out on the water. The temperature was very comfortable and sky was blue. The wind went from very strong to almost nothing, and came from various directions at different times, so sailing was fun and full of surprises. Several visitors spent some time at the helm of some of our sailboats. John has been sailing a number of times on Sunday AM and also a few times during the past few weeks--so we have more activity on the pond than we report here on this page.

Sunday, April 22, 2007. Wow! What a great day of sailing. 79 Degrees and 8 to 12 mph wind! If you were not out sailing in this weather, then you missed the best day of sailing since last Fall! We had three boats out, and they were shared by a number of visitors who stopped by and sailed with us. Since the weather was so nice, the park was full of people having a good time. Sorry you missed it. We will try to see you next Sunday...okay?

Saturday, April 21, 2007. We sailed on Saturday even though the wind was very light. What a beautiful day! Warm sun, green grass, and lot of ducks quacking and geese honking, for us to get out of the way. The fish were not biting , so I strongly recommend you change your hobby to sailing! That way you can sit out all afternoon by the pond watching all the activities, and not have to make excuses to friends and relatives about not catching anything.

April 13, 2007. We had three boats out sailing. It was a pleasant day with many, many folks using the fine facilitates at Kettering Delco park. There was jogging, fishing, dog walking, dog swimming, and as always, some very nice folks stopped and chatted while we sailed our boats.

March 17, 2007. Jose sailed in some cool and windy conditions. Jose gets the award for the first V-32 sailor out on Delco Park in 2007.

Friday, Nov 24, 2007. Sailing was great! Five boats out there from 1:30 to 4:45! ...and please don't argue that it was only 4 1/2 because one boat was a Footy! The weather was the best for sailing--60 degrees, sunny, and 5-6 mph winds.

On Nov 24, 2007, we discovered one of our markers was removed from the pond. Apparently it was dragged to shore by a fish line. Park personnel had collected the stray marker and returned it to us. It was damaged beyond repair.

Friday, November 10, 2007. Had a great time sailing with three boats when the temperature was about 68 F and nice 8 mph winds.

~~~~~~~ 2006 ~~~~~~

October 1, 2006. We had a good time sailing on Sunday afternoon. Four skippers were sailing boats on the water in best weather we could get for sailing. Warm , nice mild breeze, and sailboats--what more could a man ask for?

One of our club members sailed a few times during the week in the afternoon and early evening during the week of 25 to 29 September.

September 17, 2006. Three boats on the pond on Sunday from 2:30 to 5 PM. We had a great time. The wind was blowing steady and the temperature was very comfortable. Not many good days like this left before it gets cold. We will try to repeat this performance next Sunday. Bring your boat and join us. What? No boat? Then come out anyway and we can help you find out just how much fun sailing is with one of our boats.

Friday August 25, 2006, 2:30 to 5:00 PM. Two V-32s sailed the lovely waters of Delco Park alone, unhampered by fishermen or other boats. The wind was steady and the temperature wasn't too hot if you sat in the shade.

Sun, August 13, 2006, 2:30 to 5:00 PM. Two skippers had the entire pond to themselves! The wind was brisk and fairly steady, The temperature was pleasant. So we started talking. Since it is so easy to hit a far mark when rounding it, what would a race be like if each mark had to be hit before you could continue to the next? We tried it! The course was from the starting line, to the downwind mark, to the mark at the far end of the starting line, to the upwind mark, and then to the mark on the close end of the starting line. You know what? It is harder to hit the mark than it is to go around it--especially the far mark! Jose won. You missed a great day of sailing! :-( We had a third V-32 show up, but the skipper did not sail today.

Sat, August 12, 2006, 2:30 to 5:00 PM. Great weather--about 78 degrees and the wind provided us with a full range of conditions from 0 to 9 mph. Four of us sailed today. Conrad brought out his new V-32. It is white/white/white with a black double pinstripe and looks very nice. We ran about 15 races using the AMYA 1 minute CD for starting. Everybody sailed to first place in at least one race. We sure had our share of over the line early, missed marks, hit marks, and even minor collisions. Great fun.

Tues, August 8, 2006. We had a great time sailing with three skippers. We ran practice races from 6:40 to 8:00 PM. The wind was variable with gusts from 0 to 5 mph--if you call 0 mph a gust. Very pleasant weather after the heat wave we had last week.

Sunday August 6, 2006. We had five boats out from 2 to 4 PM. Paul Thompson the AMYA V-32 Class Secretary sailed along with us. Thanks for visiting, Paul! It was HOT. The wind was great--and then it wasn't--and then it was. We ran practice races and did some fun sailing.

Saturday, August 5, 2006, 2 to 5 PM. There were at least five boats out on the lake today, although not at the same time. We saw two Fairwinds and three V-32s. John sailed his V-32 earlier in the day. We had one visitor who sailed a V-32 for three hours and really enjoyed it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006. A team of seven Kettering Park personnel came to the pond with three trucks and a boat. They installed the markers, and were very nice about it, despite that fact that it was windy with a light drizzle. Thank you Kettering Parks for the support.

KMSC Dates to Remember

July 16, 2006. KMSC sancitioned by the AMYA as club #237.

July 19, 2006. The charter members sign the KMSC Constitution and bylaws.

July 27, 2006. Kettering Parks places the course marks on Delco Park Pond. Three yellow marks to mark the course and two green marks for the starting line.

August 6, 2006. The AMYA V-32 Class Secretary, Paul Thompson visits our sailing site.

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