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Servo and Wires Burned

May 17, 2015

Photographs by Bill Buschor

During sailing in winds of 4 to 6 mph, control of the boat was lost.  Neither the rudder or sail would respond.  When we got the boat ashore and opened the hatch, smoke poured out and we quickly turned off the switch.  The sail servo was hot and very rough to turn.  Battery pack was warm. After disassemly, it was found that the switch harness, wires to the two servos and the battery pack wires had much of the insulation melted off.

It appears that the sail servo had locked up and excessive current to the digital servo cause the overheat condition. Whether it was due to a snagged sheet, jammed servo gear, or motor failure could not be determined. Both servos and the switch harness had to be replaced. The battery pack wires had to be replaced, but the batteries were fine. The receiver was undamaged.

If this happens to you, remove the battery pack from the boat immediately...you could get a fire on the way home.  The burned smell will last forever.

Melted Wires
Melted wire insulation under the tray

More Melted Wires
Damage next to receiver

Frame and Hull Char
Charred frame and hull

Servo Damage
Sail servo damage

V-32 Photo Pages - Index ... 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - Index


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