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2015 V-32 AMYA National Championship Regatta

David Kovacs Memorial NCR
The Kettering Model Sailing Club members have named this event the David Kovacs Memorial NCR in honor of our club member who suddenly passed away early 2015 of a heart attack.  David was in his late 40s with no known heart problems.  He was a great V-32 skipper and a good friend. We will miss him.

Kettering, Ohio          August 15, 2015

Photographs by Scott Eckard

Eleven Boats

Eleven boats racing in light wind sharing the pond with the geese

Scott Rowland
Scott Roland 1st

Rob Hill
Rob Hill 2nd

Bob Bottenhorn 3rd

Ralph Kanko
Ralph Kanko 4th

Russ Hardie
Russell Hardie 5th

John Emery
John Emery

Dan Minnix
Dan Minnix

Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia

Dave Eckard
Bill Bushor
Bill Buschor

Steve Pratt
Steve Pratt

Bill Koch
Bill Koch has the prettiest sails. They were made by Scott Rowland, Windjammin Sails. Bill had radio problems and did not compete. If he had, the trophy distribution would have been quite different.
Tub Boat Rescue

Tugboat completes heroic rescue of demasted sailboat. Long line connected to release on tugboat, other end on shore.  Just go around the boat and drag it in.

Mike Wyatt
Mike Wyatt RD.  Ready to blast an over early warning. Thanks for getting a large number of races completed in spite of the lack of wind.


Plaques made by Bill Buschor for First through Fifth place

Please visit our Regatta prize contributor online!

victor We want to thank Ruby Dornis, Victor Model Products, for providing a V-32 kit to use in our drawing.  Dave Eckard won the kit.

The AMYA V-32 2015 NCR Skippers and RD

   2015 Score table

NOR            Regatta Report

5 boats
Four boats approaching the far yellow mark, trying to catch up with Dan. Go Dan!
Pass Traveling Trophy
2014 V-32 AMYA National Champion Russ Hardie passes the V-32 traveling trophy to the new 2015 Champion, Scott Rowland

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